Coral Springs Police Announce “Lock It or Lose It!” Campaign


By: Chris Brunner

Theft from vehicles is not new, but it can be preventable. The Coral Springs Police are announcing their “Lock It or Lose It” campaign designed to encourage drivers to take precautions to protect their vehicle and its contents from theft, particularly as the holiday season approaches.

As part of their crime prevention efforts, the Coral Springs Police are releasing a series of videos aimed to educate the public about this continuing crime trend.

Did you know that the theft of your purse, wallet or information sensitive documents could also result in identity theft? Criminals may be looking to steal your identity to commit credit card, bank and income tax fraud. Locking your car doors and removing items of value seems simple enough, but many residents simply forget or get sidetracked taking care of other chores. They suggest you set a nightly reminder on your cell phone to check your car to ensure it is secure.

In addition to their education efforts, when Coral Springs Police Officers notice vehicles either unlocked or with items of value in plain view, they will place a notice on the vehicle indicating safety precautions that need to be implemented. “Lock It or Lose It” air fresheners will be distributed to residents as a “hanging” reminder to always secure their vehicle.

Alert residents can take an active role in stopping crime in Coral Springs too. By following their “Make a Call, Make a Difference” initiative and calling the non-emergency number 954-344-1800 anytime you see something or someone suspicious.

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What may be considered suspicious?

  • If you see someone unfamiliar either walking or driving slowly down your street during late night or early morning hours, MAKE THE CALL.
  • If you see an unfamiliar vehicle pulled into a neighbor’s driveway and they are not home, MAKE THE CALL.
  • An unfamiliar person knocks at your door, MAKE THE CALL.

Last year, 47 percent of all vehicles burglaries were to unlocked cars. Coral Springs Police say that every must work together to prevent criminal activity in our community.  Video here.

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