Coral Springs Police Crack Down on Nuisance Teen Bicyclists

By: Sharon Aron Baron

An estimated 50 teens on bicycles surrounded a Coral Springs family riding in their car on Sunday.

The resident, who provided the footage, said the teens were popping wheelies and riding in between cars and that one of the teens hit her father’s car with his bicycle — even attempting to open the car door. 

“I was sitting in the midst of the chaos. All of a sudden, a hear a bang and immediately turn around to find that a kid had bumped into the back of the car with his bike. A few seconds later, I turned to see another kid who was looking up and down the car. He thinks for a second and then opens the door wide open. I immediately go to close it, afraid that one might hop in. I then locked the doors, as I should’ve already done.”

The incident occurred on Coral Springs Drive, where the teens were riding north and south between Coral Springs and Tamarac.

According to Coral Springs Police Officer Tyler Reik, the bicyclists, as well as their antics, were brought to their attention.

The teens were issued citations for their safety, and secondly, for the safety of the citizens.  After citations were issued, there were no more reported issues.

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