Coral Springs Police Award Michael Kenny as their ‘Officer of the Quarter’

Officer Michael Kenny with the Coral Springs Police Department.

Officer Michael Kenny with the Coral Springs Police Department.

By Sharon Aron Baron

Due to his proactive nature and notable arrests, the Coral Springs Police Department announced Michael Kenny as their Officer of the Quarter.

In many of Officer Kenny’s cases, his attention to detail was a key factor in the arrests made and maintaining the safety of the community and the officers on the scene.

During one incident, Officer Kenny was conducting a traffic stop when the driver of the vehicle began to pull over; however, he noticed something was thrown out the passenger window before the car sped off.

Due to the public safety concern, he did not pursue the vehicle and retrieved the item thrown from the car he believed, and concluded, was a firearm.

In another case, he responded to a crash, which turned into a DUI investigation. While he and other officers were on the scene, they became aware that the driver was wearing a bulletproof vest. The driver appeared to be very confused and unaware of what occurred. During the investigation, the driver began to reach around the vehicle, and Officer Kenny became aware that the driver had a violent criminal history.

While preparing to perform roadside exercises, the driver tensed up and attempted to get back into the vehicle and move towards the driver’s seat.

The driver was detained, and Officer Kenny searched the vehicle, where he found a loaded handgun under the driver’s seat, ammunition, and over $16,000 in the vehicle.

In another case, Officer Kenny conducted a traffic stop and arrested two subjects for active warrants. The first suspect was arrested for warrants to include attempted 2nd-degree murder, armed robbery, and two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm. The second suspect had a warrant for traffic and was charged with possession of felony cannabis.

According to CSPD, Officer Kenny’s exemplary work ethic resulted in the recovery of multiple firearms, over $18,000, and an apprehension of a suspect with multiple violent warrants.

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