Coral Springs Police Offering Secure Home Program for Residents

Coral Springs Police Offering Secure Home Program for Residents

By: Chris Brunner

It’s never too late to make your home safe and secure and the Coral Springs Police is offering a way to do just that with the Secure Home program.

Offered by the Broward Sheriff’s Office for business and residential property for several years, now Coral Springs residents will have the same opportunity when Certified Crime Prevention Police Officers visit their home. 

Here’s how it works: the security survey starts at the front door and includes an inspection of doors, windows, locks, lighting, landscaping and vehicles. Officers will provide the homeowner with recommendations to reduce the opportunity for crime. This Residential Security Survey is free and kept completely confidential.

“The Secure Home program is one more crime prevention initiative our department has implemented to not only interact on a personal level with residents, but also empower them to better secure their homes and property,” said Captain Bradley McKeone. “Since announcing this program last week, we have had 50 residents sign up for a residential security survey.” 

Residents of the City of Coral Springs can register for a Residential Security Survey online at For more questions about the program, email

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Chris Brunner
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