Coral Springs Resident’s Fitness Video Goes Viral

By: Sharon Aron Baron

In what could be called an entertaining workout routine, a Coral Springs resident has invented ‘Prancercise’ which involves a ‘springy, rhythmic way of moving forward, similar to a horse’s gait and ideally induced by elation,’ according to the website for the routine. posted this yesterday and has already received over 20,000 hits.

Joanna Rohrback of Coral Springs demonstrates the prancing movement with a pair of ankle weights in a hilarious video that has gone viral, giving Prancercise a lot of attention on the Internet,  more than when it was invented more than two decades ago.  


You can buy the book on Amazon

Rohrback, who sells the book on Amazon, graduated from Westchester Community College with an Associates in Science degree and attended The University of Miami School of Nursing. She went on to graduate Florida Atlantic University receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Health Services. She worked as a Social Worker for the State of Florida for several years and then a Realtor.  Joanna created the Prancercise Program in 1989, which (thankfully!) she copyrighted.

Said on reviewer on Amazon: “This book finally let me experience my inner-horse. I was like a child again, prancing through the woods. At one point, I was convinced I had 4 legs. A smile radiated from my face. I punched the sky, knowing that I was free.”

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