Coral Springs Restaurant Kicks Family Out because Toddler was Playing with Salt

This story has been updated.

By: Sharon Aron Baron

A Coral Springs family alleges they were asked to leave a restaurant all because their daughter was dumping salt on the table and playing with it.

Adam and Cara Gregg were eating at Brooklyn Water Bagels in Coral Springs with their two children. At first, Cara was sitting in the restaurant with her toddler while her husband was standing in line with their 20-month-old.  While sitting at the table, she ran into friends who witnessed the events unfold.

“I was letting [my] three-and-a-half year old dump salt on the table and play with it like a sensory toy. I guess that’s the worst thing in the world, and I should have just had her play with my iPhone, which I was trying to avoid,” said Cara.

The family said that they believe someone went to get the manager named Vincent, who then approached their table and berated Cara for allowing their daughter to play with salt and told them they needed to leave immediately and that he would call police.

“My husband wasn’t even ordering yet,” said Cara. “I called him to come back to the table because they told me to leave, and before he came back, the manager returned and yelled at me again and told me ‘I told you to leave.’”

The restaurant did make the call to police according to Cara, but they had already left at that point.

Cara said that the salt was only on 20 percent of the table, confined to one space and none fell on the floor.

“It honestly has nothing to do with the salt, it was the way that I was approached in public from a manager of this store,” she said.

According to witnesses, it was the couple that acted inappropriately, not the manager.

“I was there – this guy was cussing at the manager, dropping “f” bombs, that’s why he was kicked out, ” said Jarett Jarkow.

“The woman was rude, obnoxious, and loud to the manager, said Michael Black who was there at the time of the incident. “As a patron, I was embarrassed that a person like this would think it is appropriate to make a mess and scene like they did at a restaurant.”

However, Micheal Bodner, who is an acquaintance of Cara’s, agrees with her account.  He said her depiction was very accurate as he was sitting nearby.  Bodner said that the husband did curse once, and it wasn’t very loud and it was after they were already told that they had to leave.

“I’m sure he regrets cursing, but after being embarrassed like that, it’s only human,” said Bodner.  “Hell, if it was me, the whole restaurant probably would have heard me on the way out.”

We reached out to the manager named Vincent two times to hear his side of the story and he would not take our calls. 

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