Coral Springs Siblings Recover from COVID-19: ‘The Virus Affects All Ages’

Siblings recover from COVID-19

Anthony and Miraya Vargas.

This was originally published by the City of Coral Springs.

By: Sharon Aron Baron

After a brother and sister heal after contracting COVID-19, they offer advice to others.

In March, Coral Springs siblings, Miraya, 27, and Anthony Vargas, 20, contracted the virus. What’s unknown is how, but thankfully, their parents who they live with remained virus-free. 

When Anthony, a college student, began to feel symptoms, he believed it was a minor cold, or possibly he overworked himself.

It wasn’t until he received a positive test result that he went into quarantine.

“I put others at risk for not taking it seriously enough at the start of this pandemic,” said Anthony. 

In mid-April, Anthony was re-tested for the virus twice, and both results came back negative.

Unlike Anthony, his sister Miraya, self-isolated as instructed by the state before contracting the virus. However, she began to develop symptoms after her brother had already been infected with COVID-19.

Miraya remained in quarantine and did not fully-recover until about a month after the initial symptoms.

Although she too is virus-free, Miraya is still experiencing trouble breathing and occasionally experiences chest pain.

“During these unprecedented times, it’s important to enjoy your family and remain confident in the fact that hard times don’t last forever,” said Miraya.

Both Miraya and Anthony have a sense of urgency to help others who are suffering. Motivated to help others in a time like this, they plan to donate plasma to assist COVID-19 victims in their recovery.

When asked what advice he would give to young adults like him, Anthony said that the virus affects all ages, not just the elderly or immune-compromised. Younger people need to protect themselves. 

“Regardless of age, if you are feeling fatigued or sick, don’t brush it off as a common cold or allergies. Self-isolate and get tested.”

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