Coral Springs Students Recognized For Their Exemplary Community Service

Coral Springs Students Recognized For Their Exemplary Community ServiceCoral Springs Students Recognized For Their Exemplary Community ServiceCoral Springs Students Recognized For Their Exemplary Community ServiceCoral Springs Students Recognized For Their Exemplary Community ServiceCoral Springs Students Recognized For Their Exemplary Community ServiceCoral Springs Students Recognized For Their Exemplary Community ServiceCoral Springs Students Recognized For Their Exemplary Community ServiceCoral Springs Students Recognized For Their Exemplary Community Service

By Paulina Splechta

Caleb Stuehrenberg and his siblings love to give Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards to Coral Springs First Responders as a gesture to thank them for everything they do. 

“Don’t do it to stand out and look cool. Do it to help your community. Do it to help the earth,” says Caleb, encouraging his peers to participate in their community with the right motivation. 

“Why can’t we start a good trend of people being kind to each other?” asked Caleb’s mom Christina Stuehrenberg, who was in attendance at Coral Springs City Hall’s ceremony for the Shine On Awards on May 12.

“It’s nice to be able to do that for your kids to learn to be nice human beings. At the end of the day, you want your kids to be good citizens of the world.”

A fifth-grader at Riverside Elementary, Caleb’s community involvement, dedication to school, and helping peers got him nominated for the award by his teacher, Vanessa Parker. 

“He is kind, polite, and helpful. He’s not asked to do certain things but always puts himself above and beyond to help. That’s why he was chosen as captain of the safety patrol,” she said.

Since 2014, the city commission has honored one student per school in each of the graduating classes of all elementary, middle, and high schools (5th, 8th and 12th grade) in Coral Springs. 

Mayor Scott Brook and the commission presented the Shine On Award to 29 recipients. 

The participating elementary schools had 12 total nominations from Coral Park, Coral Springs, Country Hills, Forest Hills, James Hunt, Maplewood, Park Springs, Parkside, Ramblewood, Riverside, and Westchester Elementary. 

Four nominations came in from middle schools: Coral Springs, Forest Glen, Ramblewood, and Sawgrass Springs. 

High schools had four nominations from Coral Glades, Coral Springs, J.P. Taravella, and Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school. 

Charter schools had two nominations each: Coral Springs, Imagine, Renaissance, and Somerset Academy Riverside from 8th and 12th grade.

Among the Shine On Award criteria is: “a well-rounded student who exemplifies the spirit of community service, rather than just the total number of service hours accumulated.”

These are the qualities the city commission looks for in the nominees. They take pride in recognizing excellence in Coral Springs local schools on the part of students.

“Often students go above and beyond to help someone, or begin a worthwhile community project, or have overcome a huge personal obstacle – that effort is worth recognizing publicly,” states Nicky Vasquez, project support specialist with the city who reaches out to schools, collects school nomination forms, and organizes the awards.

One by one, each student walked up and read what their teacher wrote about them.  Then they were presented with the Shine On Award and received a t-shirt and a bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes. Students’ families and schools could attend and cheer each student on with posters, balloons, flowers, and even pom-poms. 

School Name

Student Nominee

Coral Park Elementary  

Sylvia Majdoch is the 2021-2022 nominee from Coral Park Elementary because of her superior work ethic, her responsibility as a Safety Patrol (always on time to raise the flag each morning and monitor kids), and her compassion as a Play Pal to the primary students. Sylvia always assists a specific student with math as well (nearly daily) with patience & kindness. That patience and kindness towards others in need of assistance exemplify her spirit of community service.

Coral Springs Elementary




Yahcanon Byfield is a model student who is dedicated to his academic future. He pays great attention to detail and is any teacher’s dream student. He is compassionate and caring toward his peers, and dependability should be his middle name, as he can always be counted for anything asked of him. Although sometimes shy, he is an absolute pleasure to be around. Yahcanon’s creativity and artistic skills are unparalleled, and because of his determination to do well in all areas, this surely will not be the last time you hear his name.

Country Hills Elementary  


Anayah Herrera loves to volunteer her time once a month to clean up our beautiful beaches. She collects all types of trash that can be harmful to animals. After an hour or two of clean-up time, everyone is given goodies such as beach items and snacks for their hard work. But Anayah does not do it for this reason. She does it because when we keep our beaches clean, we keep our wildlife safe. Anayah is an animal lover and wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up. Anayah’s goal is to keep our beaches clean and our animals safe.

Forest Hills Elementary  


Diara Francois is such an amazing student in more ways than one. One word that best describes him is that he is an outstanding leader. He has such a strong motivation for learning. His desire to learn positively influences his peers as he motivates them to their very best.  Diara can also, be described as a team player.  He respects his peers, pushes them to succeed, and not give up. The compassion that he has towards his classmates is selfless. His teacher has said that he is always so determined to work hard and achieve his goals. Diara truly does shine.

Imagine Charter School




Ishani Habbu is a model student and a natural leader.  Others want to follow her good examples.  She is hyper-aware of the needs of others with a soft heart for the less fortunate.  Ishani always chooses to stand up for the underdog and takes on others’ challenges as her own.  Ishani has taken the initiative to sell bracelets for needy children in India, sending money to a school that provided food to the children.  She loves going to school and is a member of the safety patrol, helping those around her.  Ishani is a great role model to all.

James Hunt Elementary  

Elizah Benitez Rivera is a safety patrol for the Kindergarten students each morning. Instead of just walking up and down the hallway to monitor them, she frequently will be seen kneeling down and reading stories to the students. Elizah is very considerate to all students and respectful to her teachers and staff. For example, she is always ready to assist her classmates during lunch if they need assistance and she loves interacting with the kindergarten students. She has a very calming effect on the other students. She is also part of the Girls Lunch Bunch with the school counselor. She models and demonstrates outstanding character throughout the school and in her community by helping her friends and neighbors when needed. Elizah is a good role model to other students and is always respectful to staff and everyone that whom she interacts with. She is very liked by students and her teachers. 

Maplewood Elementary School  


Micaiah Wilburgh is an honest, helpful student who is always willing to assist others- both in and out of school. Micaiah has volunteered with the Pentecostal Church of Cooper City’s food drive as well as with the Broward Health Annual Baby Shower, where he directed traffic, passed out lunches, and delivered gifts to all of the expecting mothers. In class, he is always ready to lend a helping hand when there’s a need.

Park Springs Elementary  

Skyler Harrell has gone through many obstacles in his young life, and through it all has persevered.  He lost his mother at the age of 9 when he was in third grade, and he lost his father at the age of 10 this past month.  Skyler could have let these incidents change his fate, but on the contrary, he has persevered through it all.  He has kept a smile on his face, kept his grades up, and maintained positive friendships in school.  Skyler is an exemplary child with the kindest heart I have ever known!

Parkside Elementary  


Peyton Ford is a loving, kind, and compassionate young lady. Over the years here at Parkside Elementary, everyone has grown to know and love Peyton. She’s the first to lend a hand or a hug to anyone in need. At recess, or in the halls, Peyton can be seen picking up lost items or trash to keep our school tidy. This year, Peyton has served on the Morning Announcement crew and brings important news along with laughter to the entire student body. In the community, Peyton serves at her church by leading worship groups with younger children through song and dance.

Ramblewood Elementary  


Deshawn Crawford is a student like no other. His optimism, diligence, and empathy are just a few of the myriad reasons for his nomination. He is not only a bright and loving student in the classroom but a role model for kindness at home. He excels in every academic endeavor set before him and will strive to complete anything that comes his way. He is known for assisting his classmates and never hesitates to lend a hand. He should be remarkably proud of the daily progress he makes and should be recognized as the giving, and the knowledgeable person he is.

Renaissance Charter School




Christopher Fellows is a student who exhibits leadership qualities in all he does. He’s a stellar student. He’s always willing to help others by sitting down with them and making sure they understand their math and science. He takes directions well and turns constructive criticism into positive feedback. He’s a hard worker who has lots of friends. There isn’t anyone who doesn’t like him. His grades are awesome due to his hard work. He has a killer smile and a very warm heart for everyone. Christopher is a true example of an amazing young man.

Riverside Elementary  


Caleb Stuehrenberg is a kind and compassionate student who is always eager to help others and maintains a positive attitude. As Captain for Safety Patrol, Caleb greets both students and staff with a smile on his face and is always eager to help any student who may need assistance.  He goes above and beyond duty by offering to help PreK students get breakfast in the cafeteria before school starts.  Caleb, with his family, spread kindness in the community by showing appreciation and support for our first responders by handing out Dunkin Donuts gift cards when they encounter officers on duty.

Somerset Academy Riverside

Pre K – 8



Sarah Munoz is very involved and liked by all.  She is a member of our school safety patrol and assists the students in getting to and from the classrooms to dismissal.  Sarah is also a part of our RAM Leaders.  This 5th-grade club is involved in many community service projects within and outside of our school.  In addition to these things, Sarah is always helping with our Pre-K & Kindergarten afterschool program.  The little ones love her.  Sarah has wonderful grades and is a great role model for all her classmates.

Westchester Elementary  


Teachers and staff at Westchester Elementary School are very proud to nominate Isabelle Alvarez for the Shine on Award. Isabelle always has a smile on her face and she brings joy to others on our campus. She is respectful, kind, and an honest young lady. She is very caring to her peers and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Isabelle is highly motivated academically. She works very hard in her classes and is a role model to other 5th graders. Isabelle is a shining star!!!

Coral Springs Charter School

6th – 12th



Ayden Cohen is an extraordinary young man with a very bright future ahead.  Ayden has a medical condition that he struggles with daily that can oftentimes leave him unable to attend school.  Despite his situation, Ayden always greets the adults with a smile on his face & works hard to keep his grades up.  This year Ayden earned straight A’s every quarter & was invited to join our school’s National Junior Honor Society, which requires 20 service hours to join. Way to go Ayden! We are so proud of you!

Coral Springs Elementary

Pre-K- 8th



Uriel Allnutt has been in our CSPK8 since 6th grade. He has received the principal’s honor roll multiple times while maintaining a positive attitude towards learning and willingly taking on feedback to improve his learning in all of his subjects.  He has been a positive role model to peers, working well with others to achieve the best results.  He also has an outstanding work ethic, which has contributed to his academic success. Uriel is a reliable and committed young man who achieves his best in every opportunity that is provided to him and is extremely deserving of this award.

Coral Springs Middle School  


Christian Pollicino is one of the most well-rounded students at Coral Springs Middle. Academically he maintained an A honor roll every quarter. He brought home county-level Quarterly STEM Challenge awards during 7th grade.  He was inducted to NJHS in 7th grade and voted NJHS President in 8th!  He participates in Robotics Competition Club, Cross Country, Volleyball, and Track and Field. He has volunteered with “Food for the Poor”, “Toys for Tots”, “Big Dog Ranch Rescue”, “Ashton Gardens Retirement Home”, and “4Ocean Cleanups” throughout South Florida, and Run 4 Beigel Memorial Runs February 2019 & 2020. Christian is worthy of the Shine-On award!

Forest Glen Middle School  


Samuel Douglas joined MTL a little later than the other students and has shown leadership from the moment he entered MTL. He plays sports and has a beautiful voice. He sang the African American Anthem at our ceremony and was the lead prosecutor in our mock trial. He sold well over 5 boxes of chocolate to fundraise for MTL’s end-of-the-year trip. He has always supported his fellow members of MTL when asked to. Samuel Douglas is definitely a great candidate.

Imagine Charter School

K – 8th



Blaire Leo is a thoughtful, caring, and giving young lady. She puts an emphasis on helping others and always seeks to ensure those around her are taken care of. Outside of school, she has helped underprivileged children and community members through her church and other organizations.  Many of her volunteer activities happen to be at her local church where she puts together supply boxes for children in need and helps with thanksgiving meals for underprivileged communities. Blaire has helped the National Scleroderma Foundation local chapter to raise funds for the annual walk.  She is a shining example of compassion.

Ramblewood Middle School  


Stone Strokin is a perfect example of a nominee for the prestigious City of Coral Springs “Shine On” Award. In only his first year at “The Raider Nation”, Stone has immersed himself into academic excellence and student life here on campus. His excellent marks carried throughout the year in his honors classes, and his top performance on the athletic fields, coupled with his first-class attitude and community service efforts make Stone one of the most rounded students in this class of 2022. We put our sunglasses on for Stone, as he SHINES ON, representing the RAIDER NATION!

Renaissance Charter Pre-K- 8th  


Hridya Govind is a well-rounded 8th-grade student who gives up time each day to participate in RCSCS morning announcements. She makes announcements about school-wide events while assisting in training the younger students as well. Hridya takes out time to help fellow classmates with their schoolwork and encourages others to do their best even without getting recognition from her teachers. She’s a hardworking student who always wants the best for her friends. Hridya is a role model to all 8th-grade students and takes pride in helping others. 

Sawgrass Springs Middle   


Jayda Washington-Boothe is the recipient of The 2022 NASA Perseverance Award and The 2020 US Rocket and Space Center Hall of Fame Scholarship. At Sawgrass Springs Middle School she has been an active member of the Girls Soccer Team, Track and Field Team, Chess Club, Robotics Team, National Junior Honor Society, and Broward County Chess Queen Ambassador. Despite many medical and mental health challenges, she maintained honor roll all three years, volunteered over 275 community service hours, and continues to inspire others on Ted-Ed Student Talk, iSummit Virtual Conference to encourage youth with their personal challenges.

SomersetAcademy Riverside

PreK – 8



Cosbi Meus is the heart of the 8th-grade class at Somerset Academy Riverside.  He shows up to school every day and he puts a smile on the face of everyone around him.  He is an amazing friend, classmate, and everyone’s biggest cheerleader.  He comes to school, sets aside all his own hardships, and brings joy to everyone’s day. Cosbi will always help out and is our school mascot.  Go RAMS!

Coral Glades High   


Throughout high school, Carly Ginn has served the community by volunteering for the Coral Springs Chargers, tutoring her peers, conducting city-wide events, and fundraising for local non-profit organizations. Carly’s most significant community service contribution was her Fetching for Funds Project where she conducted a virtual 5K and donation drive for Good Karma Pet Rescue.  Carly serves as our DECA President and has competed and placed 1st in the State and 8th place Internationally.  In addition, Carly is our Cheer Captain and was part of our State Champion Competition Cheerleading Team.

Coral Springs Charter




Kaitlin Wenke is well-deserving of this nomination.  She has served over 270 service hours throughout high school including, but not limited to, organizing blood drives and participating in numerous service opportunities through the National Honor Society.  She will be attending Boston College next year.  Kaitlin stands out among our student body as a leader.  She is personable, respectful, and compassionate.  I have never passed Kaitlin in the hallways or cafeteria where she hasn’t greeted me.  I know this is a small thing, but it stands out to me because not a lot of students do this!

Coral Springs High   


Parker Johnson is the current President of our Student Government Association.  Over the past four years, Parker has been active in the community as a Policy Fellow for BCPS School Board Member, Sarah Leonardi.   He also served as an Intern for Vice Mayor Simmons. He has also served as a student representative on the BCPS Family Life and Sexual Health Committee. At school, Parker also serves as an officer of Best Buddies and the National English Honor Society.  Parker will be attending FSU in the fall.

J.P. Taravella   


Theo Mahecha is a senior at J.P. Taravella High School. He currently has acquired 624 community service hours. He volunteers at an animal shelter. He also fostered kittens this summer to get them healthy enough for adoption. He has a 3.47 Grade point average and is an outstanding individual. JPT is very proud to nominate him for this award.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas    


Elaine Chen is an outstanding young lady. She not only shines in her performance in her community but also in her performance in the classroom. Elaine is very intelligent, motivated, and driven. She has an impressive grade point average and an even more impressive number of community service hours: over 1,200. Truly remarkable! 

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