Coral Springs Styling & Barber: A Local Fixture Since 1971

Coral Springs wner Steve Holbrook with customer and Coral Springs resident Joe Damiano.

Owner Steve Holbrook with long-time customer and Coral Springs resident Joe Damiano.

By: Dan I. Cook

I’ve been going to the Coral Springs Styling & Barber for over a decade back when it was located at the northeast corner of University and Sample. This was when Publix was still open and my beloved Carvel Ice Cream was a few doors down.

According to their website, they opened back in 1971 after a group of developers for the City of Coral Springs approached Pete Abatiello, who was a local barber in Margate, about opening a barbershop in Coral Springs. The City of Coral Springs with it’s “main intersection” of Sample Road and University Drive now had a barbershop.

Pete started the shop with three barbering chairs. In 1978, he started hiring young barber/stylists until he retired in 1990 and sold the shop to it’s current owner Steve Holbrook.

After 35 years of being located on the northeast corner of West Sample and University Drive, the shop moved to its current location at 1951 North University Drive.

Coral Springs Styling & Barber

Coral Springs Styling & Barber

I like the new location because it’s modern, bright and very welcoming. Usually if you go in the early morning, Steve has complementary bagels, cream cheese, and coffee. Along with Steve, there is a happy cast of characters that work here. The main ones I know are Craig “the bald guy”, Michelle, and Tom. Each of them have been working there long before I started going there.

Magic Touch

Steve Holbrook

Let me tell you a little more about each of the employees including the owner Steve. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Steve away from the shop. Occasionally I have seen him and his wife out and about at a restaurant and I would always stop by and say hello. He has a wacky side to him that I enjoy, and as I am writing this I can’t help but think about his mom sweeping the floor in the shop helping out her son. Just like her son, she was a really a nice person. His mom has since passed but that family atmosphere/vibe runs thru this joint. Not to mention, Steve is quick to help the community with fundraisers. Also Steve cuts my daughter “Madeline’s” hair. No Steve, it’s Madison!

Interior of Coral Springs Styling and Barber

Interior of Coral Springs Styling and Barber

Craig Werner

Also known as “The Bald Guy”, Craig cuts me and my son’s hair. What a great guy. It’s crazy when you have been going to the same barber since your son was five. My son is now 18. Craig is a technology freak and changes his cellphone more than I change my underwear. I think he has finally settled on the iPhone. The conversations between him and my son are amazing to listen to. From the beginning, it was PS1 and now it has evolved into the the most high tech games on the PS4. Listening to my son talk with Craig makes me feel old and proud at the same time. He’s a real good solid guy and can cut some damn hair. Hey Craig! As long as I am paying for my son’s haircuts you are gonna wash his hair.

Tom Taylor

He’ll cut my hair if The Bald Guy is out of town. He’s a big fan of FSU because he has a child who goes there. Tom loves to talk politics and sports. I would love to get him and Brian Walsh, the owner of Wings Plus, together and see where the conversation goes.

Michelle Morabito

Everyone has a friend that just brightens up the room when they walk in. That’s Michelle. Like my wife, Michelle is a Jersey chick, and boy do I like Jersey chicks. She has a bubbly demeanor, a quick wit, and a great personality. I enjoy chatting with her and God knows she loves to chat. Michelle cuts my bride’s hair and does a great job with it. I can’t tell you how many times my wife has received compliments about her hair style and its color. Michelle knows what she is doing.

Overall just a great place. As you can see my whole family goes here. So stop by and say hello to the crew. Ask Michelle to model her black latex gloves for you. Ask Tom about President Obama. Ask Craig about the best electronics on the market and ask Steve when is he going to buy me a drink.


Four thumbs up!

Remember to tell them Dan and Coral Springs Talk sent you and Stay Well Groomed!

Coral Springs Styling & Barber

1951 N University Drive
Coral Springs, FL 33071
Phone (954) 752-4433

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