Coral Springs Travel Club Provides Unique Vacations for Students and Adults

Coral Springs Travel Club Provides Unique Vacations for Students and Adults

Coral Springs Travel Club

By: Carly Levy

Prepare to travel the world with a new globe-trotting club in Coral Springs whose mission is to provide educational and fun trips for students and adults.

The nonprofit club was formed in February by Steven Beauchamp, a full-time teacher at Coral Glades High School, and his wife, Jamie, a former secretary at school. Before he created the Coral Springs Travel Club, Beauchamp was a recruiter with Education First, an international education company that specializes in academic travel, to travel on world-wide trips together as a class. In what started with only eight students eventually grew to 24 travelers.

After a trip to the French Riviera and Italy in 2015, two years later they headed to Spain. Over spring break, the group visited seven countries: the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France, and England.

“There’s always going to be fun because [the students] get to travel, see things, enjoy the city, and things you wouldn’t necessarily be able to see or do over here,” said Beauchamp.

The student trips cost around $3,500 with the option of making monthly payments. This includes everything from airfare, hotel, two meals a day, ground transportation a full-time tour director, local guide, and select entry to various museums and other activities. The only thing students are responsible for are lunch, tips, and spending money. The adult trips are between $3,500-$4,500.

Before each trip, the group holds at least four to five meetings where they discuss the needs of travelers, what they expect to see, and what they will experience.

Their next trip is an excursion to Italy and Greece where they will visit Delphi and Athens. There may also be an extension to go on a three-day cruise through the Grecian Islands. Also planned is a summer trip New York City, and in 2020, there will be a food and wining tasting tour through Belgium and Germany with a possible extension to Prague for the adults.

“When you’re with the students, you see almost a fascination,” said Beauchamp. “They say they’ve read about this or seen pictures of it in their textbooks but this is so much different.”

For more information on upcoming tours, follow the Coral Springs Travel Club on Facebook or go to

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