Coral Springs Police Arrest Woman for Domestic Battery After Hitting, Biting Boyfriend

arrested domestic battery

Jensine Brown

By Ryan Yousefi

A Coral Springs woman was charged with domestic battery after striking and biting her boyfriend.

On September 12, Coral Springs Police received a call from a man who claimed his live-in girlfriend had injured him in a domestic dispute, then locked him out of their shared residence. 

According to the report, officers arrived at the 3600 block of Turtle Run Boulevard and encountered the victim standing near the front door near a pile of clothes. 

The victim told officers his girlfriend, Jensine Brown, 30, had tossed all his belongings outside of the home after an argument and locked him out as he attempted to retrieve them. 

Officers entered the residence and interviewed Brown, who claimed the altercation began after the victim accused her of stealing his paycheck. She also alleged he punched her in the face with a closed fist, causing injury.

Brown claimed the victims’ injuries resulted from self-defense, and she was not the aggressor in the altercation. 

The victim told police a much different version of how his injuries occurred. He alleged the two were having a verbal altercation while lying on a bed when he joked about her still sleeping with her ex-boyfriend. 

The victim stated she became irate, striking him on the face and injuring his lip. He told officers he then attempted to take his paycheck out of her purse, but Brown bit him on his finger as he retrieved it, causing redness and injury officers observed and noted in the police report. 

The victim told police as he called CSPD, Brown threw his belongings, including piles of clothes, outside of the home. When he exited the residence to retrieve his belongings, Brown locked him outside. 

The victim told police that at no point did he physically harm Brown or do anything that would cause her to need to act in self-defense. He also said he believed she intentionally inflicted injury to herself once the police were on there way in hopes of claiming his injuries were the result of self-defense. 

Upon further investigation, police determined Brown was the aggressor in the altercation and caused bodily harm to the victim. She was placed under arrest and charged with domestic battery. 

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