Coral Springs Unveils Revamped Vision for City’s Future Development

Coral Springs Unveils Revamped Vision for City's Future Development

City Village preliminary concept design {City of Coral Springs}

By Bryan Boggiano

The heart of Coral Springs is set to experience a transformative shift after the city commission green-lighted the revamped Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Master Plan, spotlighting a vision for a 136-acre area centered around Sample Road and University Drive.

On August 2, the commission dove into restructuring plans, presenting an innovative concept refocusing from five zones down to two sectors: the Downtown Core Sub Area on the eastern side of Coral Hill Drive and the expansive General Sub Area to its west.

“We felt that subdivision into five areas wasn’t necessary,” said Katelyn Forbes of TranSystems, a CRA consultant. “It created a little bit of disjointedness throughout the CRA.”

Some high-priority projects identified in the plan include relocating the charter school and library, creating public open space at the school site, and enhancing crosswalk areas.

The updated plan comes as the city prepares for the CRA to sunset in 2032. The city commission originally established the community redevelopment agency in late 2001 to reduce slums and blight and increase economic opportunity.

In 2014, the commission approved an updated plan.

Following the pandemic and changing market conditions, the CRA’s master plan once again required updates. Those changes, in turn, would simplify the plan and maximize benefits, according to officials.

In June, the Planning and Zoning Board voted to forward a favorable recommendation of the modified CRA master plan to the CRA. Two weeks later, the latter organization approved the changes.

According to officials, only projects or tasks mentioned in the CRA master plan can be developed. However, those in the plan are not necessarily final. The plan also does not approve specific private-sector developments or create additional private entitlements.

Current projects underway or proposed:

Cornerstone: This mixed-use project is located southwest of Sample and University. Plans include two buildings that will offer 704 apartment units, 49,616 square feet of retail space, and 144 Hyatt hotel rooms.

Tacocraft is the only confirmed commercial tenant, but developers are in talks with other potential companies. 

While the South Block’s construction is complete, current projections call for the North Project to be finished by 2025, according to city documents.

Coral Springs Unveils Revamped Vision for City's Future Development

Phase 1 and 2 of Mill Creek Residential at Cornerstone looking east. {Mill Creek}

Key International Property: Located on the northeast corner of Sample and University, the eight-story, mixed-use development will contain 377 residential units. It will also include 11,525 square feet of ground-floor retail space and 629 parking spots. The estimated construction-beginning date is 2023.

Coral Springs Unveils Revamped Vision for City's Future Development

Concept design of Key International {City of Coral Springs}

City Village (proposed, not approved): The 13-acre site, which is in the planning stage, would include ten buildings with uses such as retail shops, a grocery store, parking garages, corporate office space, and residential uses. 

The city approved the developer Amera to purchase the Former City Hall property to develop the project, along with a parcel of land on the northwest corner of Sample and University. 

Currently, the project would have 410 residential units and 152,910 square feet for non-residential uses. 

Coral Springs Unveils Revamped Vision for City's Future Development

City Village preliminary concept design {City of Coral Springs}

Capri Isles Townhouse Project (proposed, not approved): Plans call for townhomes to be built on the north side of Sample between Coral Hills Drive and N.W. 99th Way on currently vacant property.

Coral Springs Unveils Revamped Vision for City's Future Development

Capri Isles Townhouse preliminary concept design {City of Coral Springs}

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