Fire Scorches Acre of Coral Springs’ Tall Cypress Natural Area


By Kevin Deutsch

A brush fire burned about an acre of forest in the Tall Cypress Natural Area in Coral Springs on Wednesday, authorities said.

The blaze broke out after 3 p.m. in the protected natural area at 3700 Turtle Run Blvd., sending smoke billowing above the sprawling 66-acre site.

The property contains a dense, continuous canopy of cypress trees and pine trees. According to a description on Broward County’s website, interspersed within the canopy are shallow willow and pond apple depressions, sabal palm heads, red maples, and strangler fig trees.

Fire Scorches Acre of Coral Springs' Tall Cypress Natural Area {Photo by Aiden Palmer}

Fire Scorches Acre of Coral Springs’ Tall Cypress Natural Area {Photo by Aiden Palmer}

“The understory of sword and leather ferns, saw palmetto, swamp lily, soft-leaved wild coffee, beautyberry, and other basin swamp plants is so thick that it is extremely difficult to traverse this urban forest by foot,” the description states.

It was not immediately clear how the fire started.

Wildfires are an issue in Florida year-round, but the fire season typically lasts from March to June, when conditions are most ripe for brush fires. Contributing factors to natural brush fires tend to be dry air and dry vegetation.

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