Forest Glen Middle School Holds their Annual Veteran’s Day Honor Concert


Forest Glen Choir

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Every November, the Forest Glen Middle School Band and Chorus have been honoring our veterans with a performance in recognition of their service to our country and on Wednesday, they will be performing the fourth annual event of its kind.

“Veterans have a huge impact on our lives,” said Justine Therien, an 8th grader who plays clarinet. “Many of the students in our school have parents or family members who are veterans and this is a great opportunity to dedicate something in their honor.”

Along with the performances, local speakers including the Medal of Freedom recipients, and veterans-turned-teachers have spoken to the students about the sacrifices, courage, and honor of having served our country at home and abroad.

“It’s important for students to understand the role that veterans have played in our history and the role they continue to play in our lives today,” said Band Director Jordan Sawyer. “This event gives us an opportunity to inject some reality into our classrooms and performances and provides the students with a contemplative and constructive way to ask about veterans, explore their history, the history of music in the military, and provides the opportunity for civil service to their fellow Americans.”

The band students, along with the choir directed by Anthony Zoeller will be performing a concert on November 11, 2015 at 9:30 a.m. at Forest Glen Middle School, 6501 Turtle Run Blvd, Coral Springs.  

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