Innovative Teachers Showcase Groundbreaking Educational Strategies at 27th Annual Idea Expo

Innovative Teachers Showcase Groundbreaking Educational Strategies at 27th Annual IDEA EXPO

Diana Haneski, Media Specialist at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

By Sharon Aron Baron

Educators from Coral Springs and Parkland showcased their pioneering teaching strategies at the Broward Teachers Union’s 27th Annual Innovative Teacher Idea Expo.

Held on January 27 at Fort Lauderdale High School, the event was highlighted by the insightful keynote address from Horacio Sanchez, President and CEO of Resiliency, Inc., who shared valuable techniques on applying neuroscience to improve educational outcomes.

The expo provided a platform for more than 35 grant-winning teachers to display their projects, offering various effective and dynamic teaching strategies. These projects encompassed a broad spectrum of disciplines and methodologies, aiming to engage and propel students toward success.

Attendees, including fellow educators, had the opportunity to interact directly with these innovators. They gained access to a wealth of resources such as course outlines, lesson plans, resource lists, and tools to adapt these projects to their classrooms.

Among the educators from Coral Springs and Parkland were Candace Blake from Coral Springs High School, who introduced a project designed to enhance vocabulary and literary term comprehension in preparation for the FAST test. With a background in education and multiple degrees in English and educational leadership, Blake’s initiative reflects her deep commitment to student success.

Judy Bremner of Sawgrass Springs Middle School presented a hands-on project focused on building motors and electric cars, demonstrating the practical application of physical science in everyday materials. After years in administrative roles, Bremner’s return to the classroom in 2021 marked a renewed dedication to direct student engagement and learning.

Innovative Teachers Showcase Groundbreaking Educational Strategies at 27th Annual IDEA EXPO

Judy Bremner, teacher, at Sawgrass Springs Middle in Coral Springs.

Dolly Garg from Park Trails Elementary School showcased a project to transform everyday curriculum into a visually stimulating environment to foster exploration, communication, and creativity. Garg has extensive experience and a belief in adapting teaching methods to meet diverse student needs,

Diana Haneski from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shared her approach to promoting mental health through mindfulness activities, leveraging the Inner Explorer application. Her project, supported by her therapy dog River, emphasized the importance of mental well-being in the educational setting.

Innovative Teachers Showcase Groundbreaking Educational Strategies at 27th Annual IDEA EXPO

Diana Haneski, Media Specialist at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Jeannie Krouch, from Westchester Elementary School, the project focuses on deepening students’ understanding of English Language Arts (ELA) by exploring chapter books, novellas, and novels. Krouch has achieved National Board Certification, the Award for Excellence in Creative Teaching from the Florida Association of Gifted Teachers, Broward County’s Social Studies Teacher of the Year, and recognition by the Florida Council for Economics Education for her original social studies curriculum.

Innovative Teachers Showcase Groundbreaking Educational Strategies at 27th Annual IDEA EXPO

Jeannie Krouch, Kindergarten Teacher and Equity Liaison for Westchester Elementary School in Coral Springs.

Dona Maggio, also from Coral Springs High School, focuses on developing critical thinking and research skills through her project. Students are tasked with creating research papers that present multiple viewpoints on a topic, fostering a comprehensive understanding and appreciation for different perspectives. Maggio, a Nationally Board Certified Teacher and Media Specialist, emphasizes the importance of a rigorous research process model in her teaching, preparing students for informed and balanced academic discourse.

Tabitha McAuley serves as a district support counselor and works with Coral Springs Middle School. She offered a project designed to support mental health awareness. Her initiative provides a confidential space for school mental health professionals to offer counseling services, addressing the importance of recognizing signs of distress in students. McAuley’s work, grounded in her master’s degree in counselor education, underscores the vital role of mental health support in the educational environment.

Felice Tzabery, from Coral Springs High School, is in her 34th year of education. Specializing in exceptional education, reading, and ESOL, Tzabery’s project aims to quickly assess students’ comprehension of reading material through one-page projects. These activities are designed to refine comprehension and enhance effective reading skills. Tzabery mentors new teachers and actively participates in educational grants and conferences.

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