Coming Soon: Live-Streamed Swimming Competitions At Aquatic Complex

Coming Soon: Live-Streamed Swimming Competitions At Aquatic Complex

By: Bryan Boggiano

Friends and family who want to support competitive swimmers may no longer need to do so from the bleachers. 

City commissioners voted Wednesday to allow Musco Sports Lighting, LLC to provide streaming equipment and services to the Coral Springs Aquatic Complex. 

While the city commission does not need to approve the equipment cost, the original agreement did not include anything about revenue sharing.

The equipment costs $12,500, and the city will make roughly $7,000 in the first year. But, according to a memo, since streaming continues to rise in popularity, the total revenue could increase in subsequent years. 

Coral Springs will keep 70 percent of the revenue generated, while the company will keep the other 30 percent. Musco Lighting’s share will cover streaming fees, video storage, and system maintenance. 

The Parks and Recreation Department expressed interest in broadcasting the swim competitions, which would be available to stream live or pre-recorded. 

According to Robert Hunter, Jr., Parks and Recreation director, the Aquatic Complex hosts international events, and the streaming options would allow family and friends who are not vaccinated or not comfortable heading out in public to show their support. 

“There are many families down here who have relatives and friends in other parts of the country, and this will be a good way for them to stay connected,” he said. 

Hunter said that the Coral Springs Swim Club must live stream the Florida Gold Coast Olympics and the Florida Gold Coast Senior Championships. All other events have the option to stream.

The city chose the Aquatic Complex because it has the infrastructure to support live-streamed events.

Commissioners discussed the possibility of expanding streaming in the future to other events and locations, including for schools. Commissioner Shawn Cerra discussed the importance of expanding streaming options while not significantly interfering with attendance or money raised, especially for schools. 

The commission voted unanimously to waive competitive bidding for the agreement, opening the door for live-streamed sports in the city.

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