Local Students Share Who they Would Vote for in the 2020 Presidential Election

students vote in the presidential election

The article was written before Tuesday night’s debate

By: Armaan Rajwany

The 2020 presidential election is set to take place on November 3, and despite not being eligible to vote, high school students from Coral Springs and Parkland are passionate about which candidate will reside in the Oval Office during their transition into adulthood.

Though politics is a field that often overlooks youth engagement, students believe their generation holds a notable influence over the outcome of the presidential election.

A poll was taken of 50 high school students throughout the two cities, and of the 50 students polled, Democratic nominee Vice President Joe Biden received 34 votes, or 68% percent. In contrast, President Donald Trump received 16 votes, or 32% percent.

Several of the students who participated in this poll provided the reasoning behind their selection:

Logan Rubenstein, junior at MSD, who chose Vice President Biden, said, “I’d vote for Joe Biden because he has a really good climate plan, supports real criminal justice reform, and would put in work to expand healthcare.”

Ralph Curra, junior at St. Thomas Aquinas, who chose President Trump, said, “I’d vote for Donald Trump because he has vowed to stand up to the establishment and reject the false promises of socialism. He will support law enforcement and ensure our gun rights are protected, keeping America safe.”

Nicol Trzeciak, junior at American Heritage, who chose Vice President Biden said, “I’d vote for Joe Biden because he plans on creating a $20 billion criminal justice policy to shift the focus from incarceration to prevention.”

Anthony Touris, junior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas, who chose President Trump, said, “I’d vote for Trump because he brought tax cuts to working Americans and raised import costs from overseas manufacturing locations in China, creating more jobs in the US.”

Let’s see whether our students are representative of how the country votes in November. Remember to vote for who you believe should be the next President of the United States come election day.
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