Man Arrested After Terrifying Ex with Disturbing Threats and Firearm Display Outside Her Home

Man Arrested After Terrifying Ex with Disturbing Threats and Firearm Display Outside Her Home

Ivan Bravo {BSO}

By Ryan Yousefi

A Coral Springs man faces felony assault with a deadly weapon and intimidation charges after terrorizing a victim by sending pictures of himself holding a firearm outside her home.

On August 7, Coral Springs Police responded to reports of an aggravated assault with a firearm from a victim claiming her ex-boyfriend was threatening her life. 

Upon arrival at the victim’s home, officers apprehended a man, later identified as Ivan Bravo, 23, that matched the description provided by the victim.

Records show the victim initially called the police to report her on-and-off boyfriend, Bravo, had subjected her to relentless and unwanted communication filled with death threats. 

The victim reported that Bravo had repeatedly reached out through text messages, phone calls, and FaceTime calls, expressing his intentions to visit her residence with a firearm if she did not follow his commands. 

According to the victim’s statement, Bravo sent disturbing text messages, some accompanied by images of her apartment door, with explicit threats and deadlines for her compliance.

In the messages reviewed by officers, Bravo repeatedly stated his intention to forcefully enter the victim’s apartment if she did not do what he said. 

The threats culminated with Bravo sending images of the victim’s doorframe with her apartment number with a firearm in clear view. 

The situation escalated further when Bravo allegedly initiated a FaceTime call to the victim, where he was brandishing a black handgun while standing in the parking lot of the victim’s apartment building. 

Records show in text messages sent while outside the victim’s home, Bravo wrote, “Walking upstairs with a gun this time,” and “You have until 12:12 to come outside or ima knock this shit down.” 

While outside the victim’s apartment complex, Bravo allegedly threatened to aim the gun’s green laser at her apartment, displaying a reckless disregard for the safety of others in the vicinity. 

Magliano reportedly made statements such as “like I give a f**k who sees me” and “watch this,” implying he would fire the gun.

Upon arrival, the police report shows officers discovered Bravo’s vehicle was found parked in a handicapped spot close to the victim’s residence.

Officers approached the vehicle, identifying themselves as law enforcement, initially prompting Bravo to lock himself inside. After some initial confrontation, he eventually complied with their commands and was detained for further investigation. 

During a vehicle search, officers discovered a black Taurus Armas G2C 9mm handgun on the front passenger seat,  matching the description provided by the victim during her statement and seen in messages. 

Arrest records show that during his interviews with law enforcement, Bravo confessed to sending threatening messages and making phone calls, though he initially denied possessing the firearm. However, after persistent questioning, he admitted to having the weapon in his vehicle.

Bravo was arrested and transported to the Broward County Main Jail.

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Ryan Yousefi
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