Coral Springs Man Arrested for Holding Woman Against Her Will in Sexual Extortion Case

Coral Springs Man Arrested for Holding Woman Against Her Will in Sexual Extortion Case

Roody Therlonge {BSO}

By Ryan Yousefi

A Coral Springs man faces charges of false imprisonment after threatening a woman with a firearm and refusing to allow her to leave his home unless she had sex with him.

The Coral Springs Police Department received numerous discreet 911 calls from a victim who claimed to be barricaded with a man threatening her with a firearm after becoming angry she would not have sexual intercourse for cash.

According to the arrest report, the victim claimed to have traveled to the man’s home near the 3700 block of 116th Terrace and later identified as Roody Therlonge, 33, of Coral Springs, intending to receive payment for consensual sexual intercourse. 

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The victim told officers that after she refused to follow through on the arrangement, Therlonge allegedly forcibly confined her within his home and made threats of fetching a firearm to solve the dispute.

Upon arrival, CSPD officers wrote in the report that they encountered a visibly intoxicated Therlonge whose breath reeked of alcohol and exhibited obvious signs of impairment.

During the investigation, officers interviewed the female victim, who told them the situation quickly escalated when she refused to comply with Therlonge’s demands. She was nearly forced to give in after he threatened to retrieve a firearm to ‘settle things.’ 

According to records, the victim told CSPD that she had made multiple discreet calls to emergency services after Therlonge allegedly physically blocked her only escape route from the home and that he hid her vehicle keys, preventing her from freely leaving. 

During a search, CSPD would later locate the car keys in a closet inside Therlonge’s bedroom above an air conditioning unit that was 8 feet high off the ground — far out of reach of the victim. 

While waiting for CSPD to respond, the victim told officers that she told Therlonge she was calling her babysitter, not the authorities, and that in an attempt to buy time, she removed her pants and pretended to give in to his demands for sex. 

After a short investigation and interview with the victim, Therlonge was arrested and taken to the Broward County Main Jail.

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