Coral Springs Man Arrested for Burglary, Battery, and Strangulation of Estranged Wife

Coral Springs man Arrested domestic violence

Joseph Dudley

By Ryan Yousefi

A domestic argument in Coral Springs grew violent, leaving a woman recovering from a fight for her life and a man in police custody.

Joseph Dudley. 40, of Coral Springs, was arrested on June 16 for felony burglary, battery, and strangulation after an encounter with his estranged wife at her home at the 10200 block of Harbor Inn Court.

Coral Springs Police received a domestic battery call at 4:49 p.m., reporting an assault had taken place. Upon arrival, officers encountered a female complaining of pain as the result of a violent attack, and a home in disarray.

According to the woman, she and Dudley, her husband, and father to her three children have been separated for a month. The woman alleges since the separation, Dudley has been harassing her and sabotaging her personal life with suicidal threats.

The victim told officers Dudley was recently released from a behavioral health facility, and immediately contacted her in an attempt to pick up his car and belongings. Once Dudley arrived, the victim stated that he noticed a picture of himself missing from the wall and inquired about her romantic life.

The victim told officers that is where things took a turn for the worse, with Dudley becoming agitated when being told she was seeing someone else. He left the home upset, but without incident.

After his departure, Dudley later emailed the victim, asking if he could drop off some items for the children. The victim declined, telling him the children were asleep, and she was scheduled to work from home soon.

Dudley arrived at the residence at 3:15 p.m. anyway, pushing past the victim, forcing his way into the home. The victim told officers that during the struggle, Dudley threw her to the ground and against furniture three times as she attempted to stop him from tearing pictures off the walls and smashing them on the ground.

Dudley then exited the home with the victim’s phone but soon realized it was locked and attempted to re-enter the residence. The victim intercepted him near a stairwell where a further assault took place.

The victim claims she attempted to stop Dudley from reentering the home due to fear of what he may do to the children, grabbing his legs. She says Dudley proceeded to step on her, then place both hands around her neck, strangling her.

An unidentified male who witnessed the attack intervened, stopping the assault, and the victim called 911. EMS arrived and treated her at the scene for injuries consistent with her version of events.

The victim declined to be transported to a hospital, telling emergency personnel she would take herself to the hospital later.

Officers later interviewed Dudley, who admitted he had forced his way into the home and smashed photographs. He denied claims of the assault.

Dudley was placed under arrest, taken to CSPD for booking, where he was later transferred to the Broward County jail.  He is charged with Domestic Battery by Strangulation and Burglary with Assault or Battery. 

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