Sawgrass Nature Center Raising Funds for Environmental Education Project for Title 1 Schools

Sawgrass Nature Center

{courtesy Sawgrass Nature Center}

By Sharon Aron Baron

The Sawgrass Nature Center and Wildlife Hospital in Coral Springs is now raising funds to provide Title 1 schools with free educational programming and resources — typically costing schools $180 or more.

As a part of A Community Thrives, USA TODAY Network’s crowdfunding and grant program, donations can help them qualify for tens of thousands of dollars in additional grant funding for their project and provide K-12 classes with an immersive environmental science experience.

The Sawgrass Nature Center will be able to use any money they raise to fund their project; however, if they meet a goal of $3,000, they will also qualify for additional grants to support their project.

The Sawgrass Nature Center is raising funds through Oct. 16 at noon. Support them by visiting

In 2020, A Community Thrives will award $2.3 million in grants, –16 national grants, and more than 100 additional grants across Gannett markets to support organizations’ operating expenses. A Community Thrives is a program of the Gannett Foundation and is sponsored by USA TODAY Network’s parent company Gannett.

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