Soccer Event Honoring Memory of Coral Springs Teen Raises Over $1,200

MSD Eagles girls soccer team competes in a fundraising event in memory of Emma Sorensen.

MSD Eagles girls soccer team competes in a fundraising event in memory of Emma Sorensen, who Coral Springs Talk covered during her illness. [photo by Margo Flack]

By: Jen Russon

Emma Sorensen, a Coral Springs Middle School student and competitive cheerleader, loved being an athlete and cheering on her favorite teams.

Emma died at age 13 after bravely battling an aggressive glioblastoma, but her memory lived on at the eighth annual ‘Coaches vs. Cancer’ soccer game hosted by Cardinal Gibbons.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas girls soccer was one of the teams in action on January 13, when they competed against Cardinal Gibbons, Cypress Bay, and North Broward Preparatory School, where over $1,200 in Publix gift cards and art supplies were donated to the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Emma’s memory.

Emma’s best friend and soccer player, Morgan Goldman, played during the game and said although MSD lost to North Broward Prep 2-0,  the event helped her feel closer to Emma.

“I always know she is right by my side. I dedicated my season to her and will always play for her, as I wear her number, 13. I know she is always cheering me on and will continue to every day,” said Goldman.

Goldman is on the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Eagles soccer team and joined at the ‘Coaches vs. Cancer’ event by Emma’s father and brother, Michael, also an MSD student.

The Sorensen’s rooted for their team at the Cardinal Gibbons campus, where Margo Flack is the coach.

This is my favorite event of the season,” said Coach Flack. “Having four teams competing against each other on the field for one cause, one very special cause, makes this day one I look forward to.”

She added seeing students take the lead with the collection of students from all over greater Fort Lauderdale is what sets Cancer vs. Coaches apart from other competitions throughout the soccer season.

“It means something to them; it’s bigger than soccer, and seeing the players realize that — that’s what really matters,” she said,

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