Student Starts Petition to Protest Strict New Rules at High School


Kiyonna Branch

By: Sharon Aron Baron

One student has started a petition to stop the strict rules that have been created at Coral Springs High School after fights have broken out recently.

We’re treated like prisoners and not like actual students. We have rights. We’re not four year-olds.”

Kiyonna Branch, a 10th grader from Coral Springs started a petition for “Student Freedom” about the new rules at Coral Springs High School. First, parents cannot pick up children unless it’s between classes at specific times. For instance, if they arrive at the beginning of a period, they must wait for their child until the class is over. (Video below)

“Just today, my best friend –  she wasn’t feeling good at all, so she had to go to the clinic, but they ended up sending her back because her brother was there and they said ‘you can’t pick her up until the end of class,’” said Branch.

She said it was only 20 minutes into class and her friend’s brother was outraged that the school was not allowing him to get his sister when she needed him.

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The other rule being imposed, is that students must be accompanied by a security guard when using the restrooms during class time.

“It was passed last week. Everyone around the school knows about it and it’s ridiculous because there’s only a few security guards, and there are a whole bunch of kids,” said Branch. “Our school is very overpopulated. We need more security guards, and better ones, because our security guards will walk past kids who are straight up skipping – I’ve seen it happen.”

Branch understand why they have the new rules, because of the skipping and serious fighting, however, she said no one likes it at all based on comments on the petition.

“We’re treated like prisoners and not like actual students. We have rights. We’re not four year-olds.”

Branch, who is involved with chorus and drama club at the school now has over 400 signatures and over 100 comments and says her next step now will be a meeting with Principal Leon-Leigh after she gets more signatures.

“After more signatures, and parents write letters to the administration, I will schedule an appointment with her to talk to her.”

She said she is grateful that so far many parents have been getting involved.

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