Sun Sentinel and Former Mayor Make their Choices in Upcoming Election

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Telling readers that they are the best choices and will keep taxpayers in mind,  the Sun Sentinel endorsed Walter “Skip” Campbell for Mayor;  Howard Melamed for City Commission Seat 4; and Joy Carter for City Commission Seat 5.

The Sun Sentinel editorial board said that Walter “Skip” Campbell, a 65-year-old attorney and former State Senator, was an effective Democrat in a Republican-dominated Legislature who puts fiscal responsibility at the top of the issues facing Coral Springs.

According to them, Campbell  is no fan of the $28 million City Hall complex scheduled to rise at the southwest corner of Sample Road and University Drive. The development is part of the city’s plan to create a downtown destination, and Campbell thinks it should be scaled down. The editorial board believes that Campbell is the strongest candidate who has displayed leadership.

Howard Melamed, owner of CellAntenna Corporation, was their choice for Seat 4. The editorial board strongly recommends him and wrote that he knows his stuff. He would be a good watchdog over taxpayer dollars. When he says, “I know what’s going on,” you know he does.

The Sun Sentinel also recommends Joy Carter for Seat 5.  Of the three candidates, she appears most likely to aggressively bring new ideas and ask the right questions of fellow commissioners and staff.

Former Mayor Endorses Candidates

Besides being endorsed by the Sun Sentinel Editorial Board, former Mayor Roy Gold sent out his endorsements by email on Thursday.  We obtained a copy of the email here.

Former Mayor Roy Gold

Former Mayor Roy Gold

Dear Friend,

I have been encouraged, asked and told it is important that I weigh in on this election cycle with whom I believe would serve our community residents best. While certainly some of you will disagree with my choices, they are my choices. I hope you will give them your full consideration.
Please take for time to view the attached Debate between the candidates.

First, in the race for City Commissioner, seat 4, I give my support to Howard Melamed. Howard has a grasp of the issues facing Coral Springs and is not afraid the challenge the status quo. His strong campaign reflects his serous desire to serve as a watchdog for our scare tax dollars. Lou Cimiglia as a fine gentlemen and a great volunteer.
Howard deserves your vote.

In the other race for City Commissioner, seat 5, I give my support to Joy Carter over Andy Holtz and Laurette Holman. Joy has been a valuable volunteer and leader in a large number of groups and organizations and has serve in many leadership positions. Whether as the Chairperson of the Coral Springs Chamber of Commerce, an executive member of the Coral Springs Festival of the Arts, a graduate of the Coral Springs Police Academy she has shown her love of Coral Springs and her dedication in service to others. Her depth of experience and energy will serve our city well.

Andy has been a hard working candidate and hopefully will continue in his desire to serve our city. Laurette Homan too has worked tirelessly in her campaign and hopefully will continue in her desire to be involved in volunteering in our city.
Ms. Carter’s experience, knowledge of the city and desire to question issues improvement to our community would serve us well.

And finally in the race for Mayor, I support Walter “Skip” Campbell over Tom Powers. Skip has an incredible background in law, Government and working for the people. He has waged his effort to be the Mayor of Coral Springs based on responsible leadership, transparency and fiscal responsibility. I am for open government and have a keen awareness of the value of having five independent voices on our City Commission. Skip offers Coral Springs an excellent leader with vast experience in government as our former State Senator and will bring positive ideas to improve and enhance Coral Springs.

Residents have a lot of choices and these endorsements are just that, endorsements.  The important thing is that you vote.  Need poll information or early voting hours?  Go to the Broward Supervisor of Elections page.

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