Help Shape the Future of the City by Taking the Coral Springs Vision 2035 Survey

Help Shape the Future of the City: Take the Coral Springs Vision 2035 Survey

By Agrippina Fadel

Every voice matters, and every opinion counts.

Coral Springs is working on the Vision 2035 strategic plan and calls on residents to share their hopes and desires for the city’s future by completing a short survey.

The nine-question survey gives residents a chance to express what they believe the city does well, identify areas for improvement, and share their vision for what the city should gain in the next ten years.

The questionnaire covers various aspects of city life, allowing residents to highlight three things the city excels. Options include safety, infrastructure maintenance, aesthetics, parks, family-oriented programs and events, good schools, and housing.

Furthermore, the survey seeks the community’s input on areas that could be improved. Residents can choose three aspects they believe should be a priority for the city, such as traffic control, lower crime rates, code enforcement, the overall look and feel of the city, quality of infrastructure, schools, and availability of affordable housing.

Additionally, the survey invites residents to envision what the city should gain in the next ten years. This includes ranking desired additions like arts and entertainment, destination attractions such as outdoor retail plazas and parks, better public transportation, sustainable infrastructure featuring charging stations, solar panels, and green roofs, improved dining options, and the establishment of higher education institutions.

The survey results will formulate the city’s Vision 2035 Plan, serving as a long-term, aspirational, and flexible blueprint for future city plans. It will guide the city’s strategic planning process and influence future budget initiatives, enabling it to prioritize projects and initiatives that align with the community’s vision.

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Agrippina Fadel

Agrippina Fadel
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