Two Men Arrested for Sexually Assaulting 14 Year-Old Girl


Tre-Shaun Saunders and Kimani Ogarro

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Two Coral Springs men have been arrested and charged with lewd and lascivious battery and molestation on a 14 year-old girl.

On August 22, 2015, Tre-Shaun Akeem Saunders, 19, and Kimani Uriah Ashak O’Garro, 22, met the victim after midnight at University and Sample Road and provided her with marijuana and alcohol, later taking her to Saunders’ apartment at 3200 Coral Springs Drive. According to the affidavit, while the victim was intoxicated, both suspects touched her breasts and vagina. O’Garro penetrated her orally with his penis while Saunders had sexual intercourse with her.

The victim does not remember the point when either men stopped, or her getting dressed, nor does she remember ever going to Saunders’ apartment. She was passed out when the men finished their sexual act at approximately 9:30 a.m and woke up with a different shirt on and both men next to her when she left the apartment to walk to Burger King to call her brother for help. She was later seen by a sexual assault treatment center where they discovered injuries to her genitals.

During a text conversation with O’Garro two days later, the victim told him she was afraid she received a sexually transmitted disease from him putting his penis in her mouth and pregnant from Saunders “fucking her.”

“We ain’t got no motherfuckin’ STD’s. We goin’ to prison!” He texted back.

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Saunders was arrested on August 22 and O’Garro was later arrested on August 3 where both remain in jail. Bond is set for O’Garro for $22,500. Saunders has 16 other counts including probation violation and has no bond set according to BSO.

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