Coral Springs Passes Vacation Rental Regulations Ordinance

apartment Vacation Rentals Regulations Possibly Coming To Coral Springs

By: Bryan Boggiano

The vacation rental frontier in Coral Springs is foreclosed. 

The city commission unanimously passed an ordinance Wednesday that will place regulations on vacation rentals. The ordinance outlines safety requirements, policy, and registration guidelines that owners of vacation rentals must follow. 

The vacation rental ordinance will take effect July 1. 

The ordinance passed unanimously at the commission’s May 5 meeting. The Commission tabled the ordinance at their May 19 meeting because of objections to the frequency of inspections and the absence of registration fees. 

The city commission agreed four-to-one to table the ordinance to the June 2 meeting to learn more about the ordinance and its logistics. 

Development Services Director Julie Krolak said that the new registration fee is $255, which includes an initial inspection to ensure that the homeowner follows the ordinance. 

The renewal fee is $100, and the owner can provide a signed affidavit stating the home is still in compliance, in lieu of an inspection. According to Krolak, the affidavit will help expedite the approval process while verifying homes meet city guidelines. 

Vice Mayor Simmons echoed his remarks from the May 19 meeting, saying that this ordinance will bring accountability. It will help neighborhood safety and integrity by assuring homeowners and residents that the city has their back. 

Simmons also mentioned that the ordinance would protect the city from out-of-state property buyers who purchase the homes and degrade neighborhoods by disregarding the rules. 

Resident Joe Morera believes that the intent behind the ordinance is good, and he hopes to see it succeed. 

“Hopefully those folks that have interests in buying property here…follow the guidelines and ensure that the community is not just a money generator for them, but something to maintain for all of us who are residents here,” he said.

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