SPOTLIGHT: Veteran-owned “Let’s Chill” Brings New Flavors to Coral Springs

Let's Chill Coral Springs.

Let’s Chill Coral Springs. {Photos by Enza Motta.}

By Enza Motta

We have the latest scoop on a new ice cream shop in Coral Springs.

Let’s Chill is a family-owned business that sells fresh artisanal ice cream made with homemade ingredients free of artificial colors.

Located at 9739 W Sample Rd, their menu incorporates authentic flavors of key lime, strawberry cheesecake, mocha latte, cookies and cream, vanilla, chocolate, and lesser-known flavors like pistachio, guava, cannoli, and matcha tea.

Magic Touch
Let's Chill Coral Springs.

Several of the many Let’s Chill flavors.

Those 21 years old can try out the parlor’s innovative flavors infused with alcohol, such as margarita, rum raisin, Bailey’s Island, or mint chocolate chip.

Milkshake fans can have their favorite ice cream turned into a shake, including Let’s Chill’s current seasonal flavor of honey lavender.

A scoop of ice cream starts at $5.45, three at $7.45, shakes at $7.99, and those who can’t decide on one can choose four half scoops of different flavors at $7.99.

Owners Cristina and Ricardo Braga opened Let’s Chill to provide a homey place where everyone can create new memories and reminisce about good times while enjoying a quality scoop of ice cream.

Cristina, a registered nurse, and Ricardo, a law enforcement officer, are Iraqi and Afghanistan war veterans. As residents of Corals Springs, six years and 18 years, they found an opportunity to make an impact locally.

Let's Chill Coral Springs.

Owners Cristina and Ricardo Braga at Let’s Chill in Coral Springs.

“We want people to feel invited, hang out, enjoy, and talk to each other,” said Ricardo, who added they want to provide fresh and flavorful ice cream with few additives.

They partnered with a local farm that provides them with dairy twice a week and a company that offers extracts of vegetables as a natural color alternative for their ice creams.

It’s only been a month since Let’s Chill opened, and they are already seeing repeat customers.

Julie Rohrer, a resident of Coral Springs, who has been to the parlor multiple times, said, “We love that it is family-owned. It’s good quality ice cream, and my favorite is caramel crunch.”

Like Cieladito’s and The Magic Cow, Let’s Chill is one of three ice cream shops offering a different experience revolving around ice cream.

Let’s Chill


Sunday 12–10:00 p.m.

Monday Closed

Tuesday 12–10:00 p.m.

Wednesday 12–10:00 p.m.

Thursday 12–10:00 p.m.

Friday 12–11:00 p.m.

Saturday 12–11:00 p.m.

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