Coral Springs Police Arrest Woman for Domestic Battery After Biting, Striking her Husband

domestic battery

Hilda Tate

By Ryan Yousefi

A Coral Springs woman was arrested for domestic battery after biting her husband’s finger after taking off his wedding ring, then striking him.

On September 8, the Coral Springs Police Department received a call about an alleged domestic battery altercation. According to the report, once officers arrived at the 8800 block of Wiles Road, they were greeted by a couple, Hilda Tate, 33, and her husband at the door. After initial questioning, the pair admitted their verbal altercation had turned physical. 

The argument reportedly stemmed from the husband after discovering that, without his permission, Hilda had been pawning items owned by both of them.

The dispute took a physical turn when he removed his wedding ring, and Hilda bit him on his left pointer finger. She also struck him on the face with a closed fist, injuring his lip. 

The husband did not want to press charges and refused to let officers photograph his injuries. 

Officers conducted a more in-depth separate interview of Hilda, and during their questioning, she admitted she could have possibly scratched her husband, but did not bite him. The report stated there were no visible injuries to her, and it was she who was the aggressor. 

Hilda Tate was arrested, charged with domestic battery, and transported to the Coral Springs Police Department.

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Ryan Yousefi
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