Woman Arrested After Pawning $2,000 Bracelet She Stole from Client’s Home


Deborah Minarovich

By Ryan Yousefi

A woman was arrested after police said she stole a $2,000 gold bracelet from a client’s home, later pawning it.

On August 15, Margate residents Deborah Minarovich, 60, and her husband Kenneth Dagget were installing a ceiling fan in the victims’ home. The couple had been performing work for the victim for eight-years before the current job. This was the final day Minarovich and Dagget were set to be working at the home.

Following the work being completed, the victim entered the master bedroom noticed a gold and diamond bracelet was missing from the nightstand. He immediately suspected Minarovich and Dagget had stolen the bracelet and called Coral Springs Police.

Days later, while investigating the theft, CSPD checked a database revealing an item matching the stolen bracelet had been sold to the Value Pawn in Pompano Beach.

On August 20, officers visited the store to verify the bracelet sold was the one stolen. Employees of Value Pawn paid the couple $700 for the bracelet, and Minarovich showed identification and provided her left thumbprint as required by law.

The owners of Value Pawn were not able to identify Minarovich and Dagget by their photos because they were wearing facial coverings at the time of the sale. Still, security footage revealed the couples’ vehicle at the store and their movements and actions once inside. 

On the surveillance footage, both Minarovich and Dagget can be seen entering the store and presenting the stolen bracelet to the employee, who inspected the piece and eventually paid the couple $700. 

Security tape also shows Minarovich giving the store her thumbprint, fully indicating she pawned the bracelet. The victim was able to identify the couple after reviewing the security tape of the transaction.

Following the investigation, the victim visited the store and repurchased the bracelet for the $700 they paid Minarovich. 

The victim informed police he was pressing charges in the case, and Minarovich was arrested and charged with false ownership of pawned items and a second-degree felony count of theft.

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Ryan Yousefi

Ryan Yousefi
Ryan Yousefi has lived in Coral Springs for over 30 years. He has worked as a writer for multiples outlets over the years, including the Miami New Times where he has covered sports and culture since 2013. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree in Business Healthcare Management from Western Governors University.


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