Writer Believes Congressman Erred by Opposing Iran Treaty

U.S. Congressman Ted Deutch announced that he opposes Iran deal at a Town Hall meeting in Coral Springs, Florida. Photo by Sharon Aron Baron

U.S. Congressman Ted Deutch announced that he opposes Iran deal at a Town Hall meeting in Coral Springs, Florida. Photo by Sharon Aron Baron

By: Roy Trachtenberg

During his town hall meeting in Coral Springs, U.S. Congressman Ted Deutch, discussed a recent AP news report that said “UN to let Iran inspect alleged nuke work site.”

This report was a lie – a half truth. 

The UN agency, U.S. State Department, and other reliable sources state, “This is not a case of the “Fox guarding the hen house” They stated that the Iranian inspectors are under the supervision of IAEA scientists, and that IAEA inspectors come from US, England, France, Germany, China, Russia, and other nations who will inspect the military and suspected nuclear facility at Parchin, Iran. Keep in mind as Netanyahu said, “nuclear residue is impossible to conceal or flush down the toilet.”

I respect Congressman Ted Deutch, however, I think that he is under the influence of AIPAC which thinks that Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu of Israel is right.

Netanyahu is wrong to interfere in American politics. Bibi was a classmate and business partner of Mitt Romney. He openly supported Romney in the last election and violated a tradition that Israel stay out of American politics and show no favoritism to any American political party. Bibi uses the same tactics as the Republicans – fear and lies. During his election, he claimed that the Arabs would go to the polls in order to get more votes while neglecting Israeli’s economy and social problems. The opposition to the Iran Treaty is a sham. This treaty was negotiated by five super powers – England, France, Germany, Russia, China, and the US. It was approved by the UN Security Council 15-0.

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Why is Netanyahu campaigning in the U.S. Only?

Why isn’t Bibi campaigning in England, France, Germany, Russia or China against the treaty? Why isn’t Bibi campaigning against the treaty in the 15 nations that approved it? The opposition to this treaty in the US is lead by Bibi and the Republicans, the same ones that wanted the Iraq War. The Republicans (Bush) claimed that Iraq had nuclear weapons. It was a lie that resulted in thousands of American troops dead and the ISIS threat today. How do we know that Iran is developing nuclear weapons? Isn’t this the same lie as before?

Bibi is wrong to claim that the US Congress should vote against the treaty to get “a better deal” The sanctions are going to be lifted with or without the US. It would be difficult, perhaps impossible, to return to sanctions-pressure-negotiations now, mainly because the international coalition no longer exists and unilateral American pressure will yield limited results.

If the US votes against the treaty, it will be harder to build international coalitions to confront rogue nations It is important to gain the support of the international community for the support and protection of Israel. By voting against the treaty we will lose that support.

There is no better deal

Congressman Deutch certainly did not have an answer to how we get a better deal if the US rejects the Iran treaty. I support the US and Israel and because I am critical of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, does not mean that I am a traitor to Israel. Rather, it means that I care about Israel and do not want a war. This is my opinion based on facts. This is an important step towards peace.

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