Hobby Lobby Coming To Coral Springs: Women and Jews Beware!


By Ira Rather

Based on the heavy media coverage of the Supreme Court’s first Hobby Lobby decision – there will surely be more to come – some have concluded that the foundations of American freedom were just shattered to their very core. Or gloriously upheld, depending on which side of the political fence you’re on.

Or religious fence. Or health care fence. And remember that fences make good neighbors!

It’s a huge story that maybe shouldn’t be, because if another plane had disappeared into the Indian Ocean on the day of the ruling, it wouldn’t be. It’s just an unfortunate fact that tragic, flaming deaths and their weeping relatives attract way more viewers than discussions on the nuances of the Constitution. Absent a plane disaster, fill the airwaves and web pages with Hobby Lobby stories instead. (Guilty here.)

Like most Supreme Court decisions, the Justices were either applauded for “getting it right” or lambasted for “totally blowing it” on this one. The truth lies somewhere in the middle (doesn’t it always?), and you may want to reflect on President Andrew Jackson:

While complicit in the deaths of many Native Americans, Jackson wanted to kill his Supreme Court Justices even more, and no one – except some opposition politicians – would have complained if he did. Since Jackson’s days, other Presidents have had severe issues with the Court, which is why we have this ironic system of allowing our President to choose Justices when a vacancy arises.

How’s that for separation of powers!?

Of course, there’s a confirmation process, or rather, we have a big show. Senators ask their questions, the nominee answers (but lies to get confirmed), and he or she either gets the nod to wear the robe or not, but always…always…based mostly on the political biases of the Senate majority party at the time. We should wonder why they even waste all of that time on the questions; the Senate should just vote yes or no.

No one really likes the Supreme Court, until they do, when a decision goes their way. Then, they start hating them again, when a decision doesn’t. The Supreme Court is like a stand-up comic:

Loved by half of the people for being funny, and disliked by the other half for not being so funny. Humor is in the eyes of the beholder, as is interpretation of the law.

As former lawyers, our SCOTUS Justices were regularly called upon to argue for either side of an issue, right or wrong. If they couldn’t do that, they didn’t deserve to be lawyers in the first place, and certainly not good enough lawyers to become judges and eventually make it all the way to the Supreme Court! Knowledge of the law is necessary to present views on interpreting that law, depending on the client’s or government’s objectives, often turning the law’s original intent up-side down. Everyone argues what the law means, with no one seeming to agree on what the law actually is.

So the actual law itself has little to do with it. Individual laws are nothing more than sentences—really long, complicated and ridiculously worded sentences—and have become bystanders in our process which we consider the best in the world. It actually happens to be the best process around, which is what’s so tragic and why you should be really depressed about the future of mankind. It works half the time, and stinks half the time, but the law’s the law and that’s it. But what is it?

Get caught smoking a few  joints in Boulder in 2004 and you’re a criminal with a record. Smoke an entire ounce in 2014 and you can continue to head the Boulder Chamber of Commerce. The law is always changing, but only changing for the better half the time. If Socrates were alive today, having lived these past hundreds of years witnessing world history, our democratic systems would look nothing like they do today. He was a smart guy, much smarter than Scalia, and we would hopefully listen to his opinions on the subject.

So what does this one Hobby Lobby decision mean to you and me, especially since they’ll soon be opening in Coral Springs on Wiles Road and University Drive, at the former Stein-Mart location? The irony of this Christian-dominated company moving into the former space of a Jewish-dominated company shouldn’t be lost on you, so bring on the tasteless jokes!

Will the earth fail to spin, and will women actually be denied free or cheap, easily accessible birth control? Probably not, for now, but nothing breeds contempt like success, and you can look for Hobby Lobby to go as far as they can to further shove their Christianity down your throats, and in your vaginas, if you have one.

Hobby Lobby comes to town with some other heavy baggage, the most glaring of which is their refusal to sell Hanukkah decorations. According to them, and I’m paraphrasing, “Our customers are not the type for this sort of merchandise.”

Well, one could argue that any store has the right to offer any merchandise they’d like, but what kind of message does this particular decision send? Even if sales for Hanukkah items don’t go gangbusters in certain areas of the country, most retailers still carry limited stock to serve their Jewish customers. Unsold stock is simply rolled over for sale the following year. Wal-Mart does it, as do Target, K-Mart, Michael’s Crafts and JoAnne’s Fabric. Even Hallmark does it, and that’s about as Goyam a company there is! (Goyam = non-Jewish.)

None of these companies lose money on this stuff, and it’s not like their managers are screaming, “Hey! We got stuck with six dozen unsold menorahs! And I can’t even count how many dreidels!”

Hobby Lobby doesn’t sell Hannukah items as a very visible and very loud sign of disrespect towards Jews. Of course, if you’re not Jewish, you probably don’t give a crap, but what else is new? Maybe, though, this information will enlighten you about the kind of company this actually is, and where they would take their religious campaign if given half a chance.

For our African-American readers here, I didn’t forget you, except that none of my black friends celebrate Kwaanza in the first place. Plus, I don’t think Muslims are really big on decorating for Ramadan, so I don’t know how Hobby Lobby’s policies actually affect your faiths and traditions. I’ll look into it, but I doubt Hobby Lobby will get back to me. In their book, you’re probably lower than women and Jews.

Many will refuse to shop at the new store in Coral Springs. Many devout Christians will praise Jesus as they walk through the doors and fill their baskets with needlepoint kits of The Last Supper and St. Peter at the Gate. (Calvary Chapel will probably rent the place after-hours for wedding receptions.)

And most people won’t give a damn at all, and will buy that bottle of glue wherever they can get it cheaper—even if that’s Omar’s Jihadist Crafts Emporium on Riverside Drive.

But while Hobby Lobby executives might feel victorious and righteous about this religious victory against a woman’s right to choose her preferred form of birth control, when that particular form is needed and preferred, they shouldn’t feel all that smart and smug about it:

That plaza has been a death knell for big box stores for ages, and unless they offer free baptisms on the roof, they won’t last a year.


Ira Rather is an advertising professional and sometimes publisher of  www.thecoralspringer.com. He is a former Brooklynite and 20-year Coral Springs resident. In his spare time, he interacts with private and governmental agencies to implement policies and establish new regulations for the aggressive hunting and eradication of the invasive Burmese Python.

About Ira Rather

avatar Ira Rather is an advertising professional and sometimes publisher of www.thecoralspringer.com. He is a former Brooklynite and 20-year Coral Springs resident. In his spare time, he interacts with private and governmental agencies to implement policies and establish new regulations for the aggressive hunting and eradication of the invasive Burmese Python.


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  • kreator

    Libtards don’t want buy their own birth control but have no problem spending $600 for an abortion.

    • Ira Rather

      Hey, Einstein:

      Birth control PREVENTS the need for abortions.

      • kreator

        Way to miss the point. My comment was directed at PAYING for it. Had nothing to do with the morality of it. I am fine with birth control. Pay for it just as you would an abortion.

        • Ira Rather

          In other words, because one Christian company doesn’t want to pay minimal employer premiums because they’re against birth control, all of their employees have to live by THEIR “beliefs?”

          Even though it’s counter to federal law?

          Why is birth control not considered a basic health care issue to you, but instead, something “dirty” which falls outside the health care system?

          • kreator

            Because birth control is only used by a VERY small percentage of people for period control. Most is so woman can just open their legs at will. Denying that fact is just burying your head in the sand.
            With that aside, a private company can choose what they want to cover because that’s exactly what they are.. Private. If a person chooses to go and work for them, they need to accept their policies. If they don’t like it work somewhere else. It’s called the free market. Only people who believe in authoritarianism don’t grasp that. They want the nanny govt to control everything.
            Btw – I am not a Christian, I am atheist… But I believe in a true Laissez Faire market where people negotiate their goods and services… Not one that is controlled by a socialistic government.

          • Rob

            Not to sound crude, Ira, but a woman can keep her legs closed and the man can also keep his penis in his pants. Perhaps you want companies to provide their male workers with Trojans as a benefit, The thing here is that health insurance is for health care as in protections from things that you have little or no control over such as illnesses and diseases. Birth control doesn’t fit what your definition of basic health care.

            And to your question about employees having to live by their employer’s beliefs, yes they do while they are under the control of the employer. Once they clock out then the employee can do as they please, and even then, there are times that an employer can exert their control after hours. Screw up outside of work and you could get fired. Bottom line, if you don’t want to play by the rules of he who feeds you, then go work for someone else or open up your own business so you can set your own rules.

          • Abunchofbullshit

            Ira, where do I sign up to write stories for this site…..sounds easy as one doesn’t even have to fact-check! This Supreme court ruling covers only 4 of the 20 birth control methods, and that is all that Hobby Lobby asked for; these are the 4 ‘abortive’ birth control methods. They don’t care about paying for employees birth control in general, but you should be concerned about the war on men because your Viagra won’t be paid for!

          • Ira Rather

            Four LEGAL methods of birth control, whether you want to paint them negatively with an adjective such as “abortive.” And as I wrote, this is just the FIRST case:

            This decision paves the way for other cases against all forms of birth control.

            Also, did you know that several million women can’t take oral contraception? (Or need oral contraception for other health issues whether they’re having sex or not–although that’s another story.)

            These “abortive” pills, as the Right wishes to describe them, could be some women’s only option to terminate a pregnancy.

            Call me crazy, but I think a woman should have that option in ALL cases.

          • Abunchofbullshit

            OK, I WILL CALL YOU CRAZY!! Read the transcripts of the opinion (and even the Hobby Lobby filing)!! It is very clear and has nothing to do with left, right or whatever. What you mean is those who believe in “Thou shalt not kill”, as the abortive four allow conception to take place, and the other 16 prevent conception. Get real Ira, woman will still have that option, but faith-based businesses are not FORCED to pay for something they stand against. Is this really that hard to understand; probably is for hard core leftist progressives only, or those brainwashed that there is some kind of “war on women”!!

          • barb

            Yeah ok…crazy you r….if you don’t like the contraception offered get a different job or pay for it yourself…not a big deal…get over it. Personally I would rather pay for cancer meds for kids to be free.

          • lpayton08

            This is awesome. Ira, you’re awesome. Birth control is used by many as a treatment for endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and to prevent certain types of cancer. The first two are very real, excruciatingly painful diseases that can cause cancer if left untreated. Many women who have these disease are also allergic to hormonal birth control, which causes blood clots and thyroid problems. This is why the decision to not cover IUDs is needs more than a “close your legs” solution. I find it interesting that those commenting on this issue are not women of child bearing age, but mostly men. Nice to see one who is sane.

  • Akiva S.

    I am Jewish and I applaud Hobby Lobby for not being pushed around by Progressive Facsist like yourself.

    • Ira Rather

      I think you should look up the meaning of “fascism” in a dictionary.

      Or pick up ANY book, for God’s sake!

  • formerpositronemployee

    WOW – what a slanted article. Honestly, you should be ashamed of yourself with this trash ‘article’ perhaps you should post the real truth…. the FOUR forms of birth control the hobby lobby people do not want to purchase are pretty rough, the PLAN B and the ella basically cause the female body to go into shock and cause the blood lining to flush itself… the other two are IUD type birth controls (the Mirena in particular causes the blood lining to flush itself very often, and the copper IUD causes the female body to bleed all the time, never allowing the body to operate correctly) …. In your article – YOU failed to mention the OTHER cases (Catholic-owned businesses that sought to exempt the companies from offering insurance that covered any of the 20 mandated forms of birth control) The Catholic do not want to pay for ANY form of birth control.

    • Ira Rather

      Thanks for admitting it:

      Catholics don’t want to pay for ANY form of birth control.

      And I’m supposed to be ashamed of exactly what here?

      In case you haven’t looked, it’s 2014–not 1945.

      • Rob

        Catholics? Really? How about respecting other religions as you want others to respect yours. The Jewish religion is pretty strict in its beliefs, trust me, I taught at an orthodox Jewish school and I’m not even Jewish. I didn’t particularly agree with several of the school’s policies, but guess what, I played by their rules. Mutual respect, something that is seriously lacking in today’s society.

        • Ira Rather

          Doesn’t mutual respect extend to prospect for Hobby Lobby’s employees?

          • Ira Rather

            “Respect,” not “prospect.”

  • Chris

    The three commentators below obviously don’t understand sarcasm. And if your Jewish then during Hanukkah you’re not welcome I guess, unless you want to build your own decorations with the crafts they sell… I got the humor of the article. formerpositron your a little cuckoo.. No one gives a crap… This progressive is gonna go get some Chick Fil-A now…

  • Austin Cantrell

    I enjoy reading articles from alternate points of view then my own because I passionately enjoy debate and polite discussion. Mr. Rather was neither enjoyable nor polite in his article discussing a complex issue that desperately deserves more clarity, not “sarcasm” as the last comment suggested. Coral Springs Talk shoots itself in the foot by posting pieces like this because it makes them sound inexperienced, inappropriate, biased, and most damning of all, un-credible. Coral Springs Talk ought to pride itself on it’s ability to communicate Coral Springs news, not fanaticism.

    • Ira Rather

      Was it my use of “vagina” that lost my credibility with you?

  • Ezra

    As a Coral Springs resident I welcome a new business into the community. I am also a Libertarian, an atheist, and a fiscal conservative. Freedom from religion, and freedom of religion fall into the same category. The misnomer here is that Hobby Lobby is against birth control because of religion, when in reality they offer to support 16 varieties of birth control. Then there are the four they say their faith cannot allow them to support because they are of the “abortive” type of birth control. What’s interesting is that their stock portfolio, supports the very same pharmaceutical companies that the produce the drugs they will not support for their employees. http://guardianlv.com/2014/07/hobby-lobby-investment-angers-liberals-anew/ So this is more of a political statement mixed in with a bit of religion to make it more juicy and ultimately to get people talking about…Hobby Lobby. What a great marketing strategy.

  • djs1138

    What an offensive article… you Ira Rather…are a complete dimwit…

    • Ira Rather

      No one has used the the expression “dimwit” since 1950.

      I’ll let that fact speak for itself.

      • djs1138

        That’s your retort? that’s practically a non – sequitur
        You are truly a mental midget… what exactly would you be trying to say anyway with a comment like that, it doesn’t even make sense.
        Keep lowering the collective IQ of any room you enter… that’s about all your capable of you dim bulb…You’re a twit, basically an you abject moron… the product of lower educational standards…

        • Ira Rather

          “An you abject moron?”

          If you want to insult someone, why don’t you PROOFREAD your garbage first?

          Your content doesn’t stand on its own.

          • djs1138

            You again? You’re an imbecile… why do you bother responding… you’re an intellectual black hole… I didn’t write your moronic article… you did.. .and it’s F’ing offensive… but even more offensive is your stupidity on parade in every word you utter or write…

            Abject – (a person or their behavior) completely without pride or dignity;
            synonyms: contemptible, base, low, vile, worthless, debased, degraded, despicable, ignominious, mean, unworthy, ignoble

            So yes… you’re an abject moron…

      • Jack Boland

        I think djs should have use the word “slime”. It is more in keeping with your lack of taste in writing. You are one of the “hate mongers” that love to think you are being picked on. Keep your trash papers off my lawn.

        • Ira Rather

          Hobby Lobby hates a woman’s right to choose her form of birth control, and Jews, and I’M the hate monger?

          I guess all you need to do is slap a crucifix on something and it’s all okay with you.

          • Jack Boland

            Wow, you really do have a problem. You need to seek help before you harm someone. You meet all the criteria for “hate monger”. Guess this is the only place you can give you talks. Enjoy you time. The more you write, the more “slime” fits Keep it stirring

  • Abunchofbullshit

    Hey Ira, if you are so offended as a Jewish person how about an article on the Prez and all the great things he has done, or is doing, for the Jewish state? ‘Maybe, though, in putting the story together, the information will enlighten you about the kind of man he actually is, and where he would take his anti-Jewish campaign if given half a chance.’

    • Ira Rather

      Who’s arguing with you?

      Except Hamas hasn’t set up camp yet on Wiles Road–only Hobby Lobby.

      • Abunchofbullshit

        ….that you know of! Remember Atta and his CS connection? Terrorist by any other color is still a terrorist, and Hobby Lobby certainly isn’t and has the right to their religious beliefs! I hope you don’t ever go to Chic Filet or Gino’s Restaurant in Baton Rouge.

  • Rob

    :Look, everyone has an opinion and apparently this is one of those issues that can rub people the wrong way depending on how you see things. The way I see it, and we all may have different perspectives, is quite simple. First, Hobby Lobby is a PRIVATE company. They can run their business as they fit. If you don’t like their policies simply don’t do business or work for them. The government shouldn’t be involved in a private enterprise’s moral beliefs. As a matter of fact, health insurance was a voluntary benefit until Obamacare came in and forced it down the throat of private businesses. Hobby Lobby could have very easily not provide benefits at all. If women have an issue with a private company not wanting to pay for birth control, then they should not deal with that company. It isn’t very complicated, and yes, thankfully the Court got it right.

    As to products, if a company doesn’t want to carry a specific product, then that is their right. I can tell you from my recent visit to HL in Davie, the place was busy, and lots of women and huge inventory. Trust me, HL will survive and people of all genders and religious affiliations will buy from them. We have choices of where we spend our money or who we work for.

    On a final note, this country of ours is going to hell in a hand basket. It seems like people are getting way hypersensitive about everything. If you feel you are having your rights or privileges trampled on, take the time to see if perhaps your selfish BS is trampling on someone else’s rights or privileges. HL is not a tiny company; they must be doing quite a few things right.

    • lpayton08

      They must be putting their money into the right hands. There are hundreds of thousands of Buddhists in this country who are strongly against the war. If they stood up and said “we should not have to pay taxes because we don’t want our money paying for war,” people would throw them out of the country. A company does not have religious reliefs; it’s actually quite funny that no one is acknowledging the fact that Hobby Lobby’s previous insurance DID cover these drugs – more proof that this lawsuit was not about “religious freedom” but another attack from the rich right against the ACA. God forbid insurance companies make a little less money and help a few more people.

  • jhkilroy

    So just to be sure…. I cannot buy RU486 pills at Hobby Lobby ?

  • Nancy Vera, MD

    “but nothing breeds contempt like success, and you can look for Hobby Lobby to go as far as they can to further shove their Christianity down your throats, and in your vaginas, if you have one.”
    Can I ask one simple question – who is shoving what into whom?
    As a Cuban American, the beauty of this Country is the freedom and liberty to buy where you wish and to work for whom you wish. Hobby Lobby did not take anything away from Stein Mart. I used to shop at that store and half of the time, I could count the customers with my fingers. If a woman’s prerogative is to work for a company that pays for her contraceptives, then she is more than free to choose a company that is more than happy to accommodate that.
    I’ve been a resident of Coral Springs for 20+ years and am happy when I see new businesses opening their doors. That particular area was devastated for years with the closing of K Mart and then Stein Mart. Maybe you should spend more time inquiring as to why businesses are having such a hard time during these past years, instead of spewing your one sided venom.
    Ira Rather, you did get one thing right, ‘nothing breeds contempt like success.’

    • Jack Boland

      Doctor Vera, Totally agree with you. We need more profitable business in the city. It is shameful that anyone would use our city to spread hate of a company that practices what they believe in a free marketplace. We should all send a “Welcome to Coral Springs” note to Hobby Lobby to make them understand what has built our economy and happy that they would take the time to stand up for what they believe and not be badgered by a minority and labeled a bad company. The majority of our city see it as a big improvement.

  • CFP247165

    I can’t wait for Hobby Lobby to open, YAY 🙂

    • liar’s tell the best stories

      Well, they are open and have Hanukkah stuff – maybe next you can have a nasty article because Ruth Chris’ does not sell tofu

  • Nicole

    Ira I actually work for hobby lobby and they are a great company and we do sell jewish products around the holiday so get your facts straight before writing an article slandering a company you obviously don’t know much about. I am a woman and am proud to work for a company who stands for what they believe in. As an employee we have Sundays off which allows us time to rest and spend time with family…what is so wrong with that. Also we live in America, freedom, so hobby lobby has their right to do what is in their beliefs.

  • Jack Ramsey

    This article makes MargateNews look like the Wall Street Journal. Intellectually bankrupt, poorly written, unsupported generalizations. Just garbage. A disgusting attack on a new business. Published in what pretends to be a service to Coral Springs. Do you check every business for political/religious views? Absolutely the worst. Pretending to be liberal while trying to shame people into your point of view. Anti-American right before the 4th.