Man Found Guilty of Having Dog Kill Coral Springs Family’s Cat

An 81 year old man who allowed his dog to maul a cat and was caught on video doing so, was found guilty by a jury today.  After only a day of testimony, the jury returned their verdict and found Hume Hamilton, 81, guilty of animal cruelty charges, a third degree felony.

Hume Hamilton was walking his pit bull when it attacked a cat belonging to Coral Springs resident Tia Spath.

Spath, who lives in Ridgeview, was shocked to find out that their cat named “Mama” had been killed at her family business, Brandy Bail Bonds, in Fort Lauderdale.   She says that Mama had been their pet for almost 12 years and was a fixture at the business.

“Mama” who was tragically killed

In the shocking surveillance video, the owner of a pitbull is seen walking on the property of Brandy Bail Bonds while following his dog’s lead to get closer to the cat,  when the pitbull viciously attacks.  The dog’s strong jaws grab the cat and the owner cannot get him to release.   The man even tries to pull the cat out of the dog’s mouth, even stepping on the cat’s stomach. He finally he pulls the dog away, runs away, and  leaves the cat for dead.

Mama later died of her injuries and is buried at the business.

Hamilton had been held in jail since July without bond because he is facing charges for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. He was already on probation, so the judge held him without bond pending this trial. He could face jail time for this crime when he is sentenced next month.

Hume Hamilton










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  • Patrick Harris

    I hope he dies in ajil

  • 123tl78

    Horrible dog owner but not reflective of millions of dogs and their responsible dog owners. You don’t think other dogs have killed animals? The media just focuses on pit bulls or what they hope are pit bulls. I am all for making horrible dog owners accountable but show a fair representation of all the dogs all over the world killing something, animal or people and then we will see what the reality is of having an estimated 1/2 billion dogs worldwide. Such bias towards dogs of all things. There are many irresponsible dog owners of all types of dogs and they all should be made accountable but they hypocrisy towards just focusing on pit bulls is unfair. Really people.

    • shear

      Oh shut it, pitt bulls are killers. Face the facts. No other dog latches on and never lets go like a Pitt. It’s doing what it was bred to do.

      • 123tl78

        Excuse me but, as far as I know, this is still a free country. All dogs are killers. They are carnivores. Remember? So when that other type of dog kills will you try to wipe it out or give it a free pass, since we know other dogs kill animals and people and have done so in the past.

      • Barry

        You’re uninformed, and undereducated. Please visit google and do a search for Pit Bull Advocates and you’ll become educated.

        • Max Gold

          Yeah, Google Pit Bull Advocates and you will get a thorough education in what a bunch of sociopathic delusional lying narcissists Pitbull Lovers are. They are aggressive abusive, confrontational and repeatedly spread lies and propaganda for their own selfish desires. Pitbull Advocates couldn’t care less about the thousands of victims of Pitbull attack, not only do they not care, they regularly threaten, harass, blame and abuse the victims in the hope they will shut up and go away. So go ahead, get educated and learn why Pitbull Apologists are called Nutters and Pitiots.

      • Nicole

        For one Pits don’t “lock” their jaws. Thats myth. Second its all in how the animal is raised. Any dog can attack an animal. They are prey driven which comes from the Wolf ancestor. I’ve seen plenty of breeds and mixed breeds chase cats squirrels ect. Its a possibility with any breed. So please before you judge just one breed look at all sides of the picture. Pits are amazing animals. They have an extremely big heart and are very good temperament wise. They have more CGC’s held than any other breed (Canine Good Citizens) and they surpass all but 2 breeds in the AKC/UKC temperament test.

        • B Smart

          pit bulls’ jaws lock. Why else do only pit bulls require special jaw unlocking tool called a break stick? Look it up. All pit bull owners should carry one. You can see pit bulls’ locking jaws in action on hundreds of youtube videos showing them hanging completely off the ground by their jaws locked on a piece of rope for minutes at a time. You can find no, zero, none, zip videos of a similar sized dog hanging completely off the ground by their jaws for minutes at a time – only gripping dogs can do that. No other kind of dog is physically able to because they don’t have the oversized jaw muscles that allow them to lock down and not let go. The only dog that competes in how long they can hang by their locking jaws are pit bulls.

        • shear

          Can you read? I said latches on, not locks. I’m not shocked that a moron like you can’t read.

      • Yes, that’s what the owners of the small dog killed at a daycare by two Beagles said. Those darn pit bulls. It was all their fault.

        • Prove they were beagles. That’s what pit mongers always say. I want to see DNA.
          I suspect they were beagle/pit mixes. Check out the shelter photos. Pits get “re-labeled” all the time.

      • Hybrid21

        “Oh shut it” Yeah, you sound like a highly intelligent authority on dogs, lol.

        • shear

          No retort? That’s what I thought.

  • 123tl78

    Sorry about the typographical error. the last sentence should have read there are many irresponsible dog owners of all types of dogs and they all should be made accountable but THE hypocrisy towards just focusing on pit bulls or what someone hopes is a pit bull is unfair. Really people.

  • shear

    This guy is a psychopath. I hope he dies in prison with a penis firmly up his rear.

    • 123tl78

      That second sentence isn’t a very good reflection on you. Will you say that when other dogs kill cats and walk away from it? Yes. He got what he deserved but hopefully you’ll be that outraged when the other dogs do it but it isn’t reported in the news because it wasn’t a pit bull.

  • Tank’s Mom

    Pits don’t have locking jaws. Ths is a myth. My 7 year old pit is a working therapy dog…enough said. I am sorry for the loss of the cat, 12 years of wonderful memories were taken from this family. Unfortunately this dog belongs to an irresponsible human being, who decided to act in an iresponsible manner. Not the dog’s fault, the owners fault. Don’t make the breed a victim.

    • Hybrid21

      I noticed that too “when the pitbull viciously attacks. The dog’s strong jaws become locked around the cat and won’t release” irresponsible journalism. THe dog was being a dog and attacked the poor cat because his owner was irresponsible and let the dog get riled up by taking him up to the cat.

      • I guess you are watching a different surveillance video. The dog will not release the cat during the video. Do you dispute this?

        • Pit bulls have strong jaws but they DO NOT lock. It’s the usual media hype and sensationalism used to sell news and rile of the general pubic when you have a vendetta against a specific breed. And Hybrid21 is correct, the dog didn’t release because it wasn’t responding due to poor training.

        • Hybrid21

          Thanks for correcting the article. Still confused why you asked if I dispute the dog not releasing the cat, when I clearly stated what I was disputing (and it wasn’t whether or not the dog would releasing the cat, but why the dog didn’t release the cat). Maybe less snippy comments and more professionalism next time?

    • Cbard

      Really? How many Golden Retrievers would attack and kill a cat on the owner’s command?

      • kellyps

        “How many Golden Retrievers would attack and kill a cat on the owner’s command?” Any, if their owners had worked to home their prey drive. ANY dog will attack a cat or other small animal if provoked. Dogs are predators. We can teach them NOT to attack animals, and some may not be very interested in the first place, but they all have the capability.

  • stefanie

    It’s stupid people like this who give the breed a bad name!! Some dogs just don’t like cats or other animals, it depends on if they were introduced at a young age. How the animal was raised. A Responsible owner would know that about there pet and keep there animal away, but not this guy he walks right up to the cat. Blame the owner for not being responsible !!!

  • stefanie

    Why couldn’t the head line be, “man walks his dog up to a cat, to be attacked” why does it always have to be Pit Bull kills, why not focus on the man stupidity and not the breed of dog!!

  • happy rod

    this guy is not only a irresponsible dog owner, he is a flasher with a stone rod!!!!! look at the picture on the left…..

  • Not a nutter

    No their jaws don’t “Lock”. but they do clench and lock down on their victims and refuse to let go once on the attack… That’s why they have “breaking sticks”, to break the locked down grip…Some pro-pit sites even advocate using tasers in place of a “break stick”… Anyone making claims to the contrary is just a liar for the breed…

    • 123tl78

      I don’t know why you think you are an expert on anything when you call people you don’t even know a nutter. What made you so special that you think you know every dog and every dog owner? A dog is taught to release. Remember that command? If you have control of your dog, that is. The media focuses on what they hope are pit bulls. These stories are not a fair representation of dog bites in this country. You have so much hate in you. Do you have that much hate for the other dogs that bite and don’t get reported by the media? Do you call those bad dog owners nutters too or do we just get that special hate?

      • B Smart

        You’re wrong, law enforcement and the military won’t use pit bulls for controlling people because PIT BULLS WON’T LET GO. They were bred to lock down, shake, rip and tear. You can see this behavior on plenty of youtube videos people upload of their pit bulls hanging completely off the ground and shaking their head. You pretend it is hate, but victims of pit bull attacks know they are different than other dogs and are urging people to wake up and realize that this growing problem must be stopped. You can’t compare the devastation pit bulls do to other dogs. They’re not even in the same ball park.

        • 123tl78

          Sorry B Smart but I am not wrong. I don’t get facts on any dogs from you tube. Also, I don’t hate a dog for being a dog. Pit bulls have and are used in law enforcement and believe it or not are used for search and rescue, therapy dogs. God forbid, they are actually dogs. Go figure. Sorry you have so much hate but the reality is the media does not give a fair representation of all dog bites and I don’t hate a dog for being a dog and I don’t assume I know every dog owner and their dog, since they are all individuals. I am all for responsible dog ownership and making irresponsible dog owners accountable but I don’t believe in BSL. It doesn’t make sense, isn’t fair and doesn’t address all dog bites. You might want to follow the story of the Vicktory dogs, the dogs that were saved from Michael Vick’s dog fighting ring, a perfect example of the individuality of all dogs, like people, and none of these dogs were monsters, just poor dogs caught up in the hell of a dog fighting ring. Many are now pets in homes with children and other animals. Perfect example of how important a responsible and knowledgeable dog owner is in the life of a dog. The release command is important for all dogs and yes, it does actually work on ALL dogs if you are the boss of said dog.

          • B Smart

            Yes you are wrong. It is silly to say you refuse to get information or evidence from this place or that. All you have to do is verify that it is reliable. You can use youtube to gather evidence and the evidence is that hundreds of pit bull owners have uploaded videos of their dogs hanging by their locked jaws for minutes on end and you cannot dispute that. You cannot find any other dogs of the same size – 35 lbs and larger – hanging by their jaws completely off the ground and shaking their necks for minutes at a time like pit bulls because no other kind of dog but gripping dogs have been bred for oversize jaw muscles to do that. No, they are not like other dogs. I said they will not use pit bulls to CONTROL PEOPLE. They will not send a pit bull out to stop a bad guy, because pit bulls cannot be reliably be trained release and NOT to kill the bad guy.

            There are some pit bull detection dogs but those are STUNT dogs trained by people who want to prove a point because pit bulls do NOT have a very good nose.

            The Vick dogs? You mean the ones warehoused at BFAS that won’t ever be adopted? You mean the ones at BFAS that chewed through their metal fenced kennels and killed a third dog – decapitating it while pulling it out of its kennel – and practically destroyed each other? You mean the pit bulls it took YEARS to “rehabilitate” and find just the right owner? You know about the Vick beagles? They lived the HELL of being bait dogs – being ripped apart by your precious pitties – and transfusion dogs and guess what, they were all IMMEDIATELY adopted with no need for YEARS of rehabilitation and SUPER SPECIAL owners.
            No, DOGS ARE NOT PEOPLE. Get that through your head.
            You need to do some research on what a breed is and why breeds were developed in the first place. Ask yourself why hunters choose pointers, setters, retrievers and spaniels to hunt birds with. Ask yourself why coon hunters choose hounds. Ask yourself why herdsmen choose collies and heelers to herd livestock. Ask yourself why The Seeing Eye and Lighthouse for the Blind decided that they had to breed their own dogs to get the perfect temperament for guide dogs. Ask yourself why no other kind of dog but a pit bull can fight in the pit. It is because dog breeds were developed by people who knew and saw that line breeding for a behavior would predictably yield puppies that were highly likely to display a sought after behavior.
            You’re just saying that pit bulls can only be safe pets if they have a super special, talented, educated, devoted owner with perfect judgment. Guess what, that’s not good enough. Poodles do not pose an immediate threat to the neighborhood if their owner is merely average, or even stupid.

          • 123tl78

            Sorry B Smart that you have so much bias towards dogs. I fully support making irresponsible dog owners accountable but I never had any illusions about what a dog is. How about you? A dog is a carnivore, a killer and were originally created to hunt, bring down prey and protect. How do you feel about all the dogs that bite and/or bite and/or kill animals and people? You hate them all too? The Best Friends incident is what sometimes happens with dogs. Many dogs don’t get along with each other. Dogs always needed humans to train and socialize them and make them safe. I know what dog is. How about you? You might want to follow the dogs that were adopted on facebook and start seeing the positive side of the happy endings of many of the Vicktory dogs. They are on facebook, Ginger Girl, Vicktory4Cherry, Handsome Dan, Hector the Pit Bull, Audie’s Journey, Oscar, Our Pack (where Leo was), Jasmine’s House, Bad Rap, etc. See some of the success stories. They all had different endings, you know, because dogs are individuals. You have so much hate.

      • shear

        You’re not only wrong, you’re stupid. They do not let go on command when they are attacking.

  • And what is a typical sentence in Florida for felony animal cruelty?

  • Pit mongers MUST use lies and semantics to “monger” their dog of choice. IF they were honest, they would agree that sanity would require a breeding ban of pit bullls.
    Re: “no locking jaws”. When a dog bites onto another and won’t go even after suffering stabbings, gun shots, beating, broken bones, burns, taser shocks, and needs a breakstick to pry open the jaws, then normal, thinking, reasonable humans, humans without an deceitful agenda, would agree that the dog has “locking jaws.”
    No other type of dog required their breeders to invent a “breakstick” with which to pry open the dog’s clenched jaws. Check out the pit bull rescue event on youtube “dog fight break up”, two dogs LOCKED onto each other’s faces, one pit monger sticking his thumb up a pit bull rectum, trying to get the dog to release. One monger says “we need a breakstick.”

    • Jenna

      You know all those family dog breeds,such as labs?My neighbor has to black labs.They attack the fence until they bleed-the neighbors have been through two fences in the two years I live here; when I go outside,I have to carry a bat(because some how its my fault that the owners “perfect little angels” dogs want to kill things constantly).

      The three pits down the road?Perfect angels,obey any commands from anyone,regardless of who they are.

      You want to know the difference between the labs and the pits?The labs have no training beyond that of full out attacks dogs.The labs are locked in a room when the owners have guests owners.The labs are in a privacy fenced yard.The owner sees nothing wrong with this;and take offense when told if the dogs attack the dogs will be shot dead.

      The pits?They are well trained,well socialized.The owner is fully willing to shoot his dogs dead and pay medical bills if they bite some one.

      Bad owners make Bad dogs.

  • Forget the pit mongers’ misinformation and propaganda. Read the books written by those who created the pit bull, books written before 1980. They even use the work LOCK to describe their dog’s “work” during fights. “A good pit bull will only release his bite to gain a better hold.”

  • This was “good” pit bull behavior. “Kill or die trying” was the motto given to pit by the original pit fanciers (fighters).
    f pits are just dogs, and behavior is NOT from breed heritage, let pits become extinct thru mandatory enforced spay/neuter microchipping of all pits, pit mixes, all dog aggressive dogs. Adopt any homeless dog and train her to be your loving pet. Everyone companssionate and sane wins, all dogs (and cats) win, but especially pits win too. Only dog fighters would oppose this sane solution.