Salt Life Food Shack: Bringing the Beach to Coral Springs

By: Stevette Hay

Tired of the same ol’ thing?  Me too! Thumbing though the menagerie of burger joints, pasta places, sushi runs and quick service restaurants suffices at times, but this well-developed palate is yearning for something a bit more adventurous…and healthy.  I have been doing my homework on Salt Life Food Shack and have been eagerly waiting for the construction to cease.  Well boys and girls, the day has come; Salt Life Food Shack is open!  The restaurant will be open for dinner only for the first two weeks and if you are in the mood for something different, please go check them out.

$5 Sushi on Tuesdays at Salt Life Shack

This Jacksonville concept serves a variety of items with a strong emphasis on seafood. If I had to categorize their offerings it would probably be Beach Cuisine.  They have a raw bar featuring sushi rolls, oysters and ceviche, a collection of burgers and sandwiches, salads, and a selection of land and sea entrees like Backyard Beer Can Chicken, Island Ribs, and Caliche’s Poke Bowl (fresh tuna seasoned with a secret marinade served with steamed spinach over sticky rice, green onion, and avocado).   

Salt Life Food Shack serves a mix of Hawaiian, Costa Rican, Bahamian, Japanese and American style food.  Operating Partner, Jeff Jabot described it perfectly by saying, “We offer a little something from everywhere, and a little something for everyone.”

On Wednesdays Salt Life Shack offers up a $6.99 Taco Special and $3 Dos Equis

The attention to detail in this restaurant is great.  Surf boards, beautiful ocean colors, an amazing salt water aquarium, and their over-sized comfy beach chair seats make you feel as though you are down on A1A.  The staff uniforms are an excellent choice.  They are dressed in jean skirts and shorts, Vans, and Salt Life tank tops and shirts.

If I had to guess, I would say that Salt Life Food Shack will be riding a wave of popularity in Coral Springs.

Get over there and check them out and be sure to comment and let me know what you think!

Salt Life Food Shack

At The Walk
2260 N University Drive 
Coral Springs, FL 33065

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  • KT

    Thanks for the review. The last time I went by there it seemed the place wasn’t even built yet so I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who didn’t know it was open. I’m wondering if this place will give Bonefish competition? Also is it open everyday? Thanks again. Will definitely give it a try soon.

  • Cheryl

    Tried it last night. Had to wait for a table about 15 minutes even though it was before 6 PM. Then had to sit outside in the humidity. Music is too loud. Sitting on a hard picnic bench was not comfortable. Ordered the fried shrimp dinner for $12.99. My husband ordered the chicken ceasar salad. The shrimp were okay but nothing to rave about. Served with only french fries and shack sauce. The french fries were okay but nothing special. The shack sauce was a little like thousand island dressing. I also asked for tartar sauce but it was not edible. Looked like pure mayo with a little relish mixed in. No other sides came with the shrimp dinner not cole slaw nothing. The server was pleasant but not very efficient. It took a long time to get our check we finally had to ask another server. I was very disappointed in Salt Life. The food is nothing special and neither was the service. I don’t think I will return.

    • David

      OMG…Cheryl You sound like a bunch of fun! Stay home princess. Sit outside in the humidity ? Its Florida honey !

    • AB

      They just opened I would give them a chance to get into he swing of things, its also new to the servers, cooks and others.
      Go back in about 2 months, I am sure you will see a difference.

    • Jason

      I would normally just move on, however, Cheryl you really made me happy I’m not in the service industry anymore! The place just opened and you slam it without a moments thought! Your complaining about 15 minutes!?! Seriously!!! You really sound like one stuck up Coral Springs JAP! Thank you though, cause you made me remember how great my wife is!! I feel awful for your husband! If I was married to a gem like you I would have shot myself in the face to get out of it!!!

      • She is entitled to her opinion and perhaps she is used to better food quality and service. The food is not good and the waitstaff need a serious lesson in some manners. Perhaps your wife is so used to McDonalds she actually thinks Salt Life is 5 star….LMAO…

  • Mike

    This new concept in Coral Springs is a breath of fresh air. Amazing service, great healthy fresh food, and ridiculous menu of liquor and craft beers. My new spot to hang out. Check out the specials…What? $2 margaritas, who does that? My new choice for my business!

  • Good review. I like the place too and we need more businesses like this in Springs. Good vibe, good food, and lots of different specials.

  • Stevette

    Dan I and KT,

    Thanks! You should follow the restaurant on Twitter @SaltLifeFoodShk so you can learn about more of their specials. From what I learned, it is not supposed to be competition for Bonefish Grill. The owners are intending it to be more of a “local hang-out” at a lower price point. As a resident of Coral Springs, I feel this is what we needed…especially in this not so lovely economy!

    Follow me on Facebook and Twitter for more info on local eats and treats!

  • Kimball

    Tuna Poke Bowl- masterful! Mouth watering right now