18 Year-Old Accused of Vandalizing Coral Springs Center for the Arts

By: Sharon Aron Baron

18 Year-old Dakota Kiernan was arrested for Monday’s burglary and vandalism in the Coral Springs Center of the Arts. Police said Kiernan was linked to the crime by fingerprints found on a can of spray paint. Another suspect was also involved.

Inside a classroom corridor several walls had been vandalized with spray-painted vulgarities including “fuck police” “fuck suburban kidz” “fuck snitches” and “kill fags.”

Inside a stage/classroom area, audio equipment had been intentionally damaged and a pile of feces was left on the floor.

Snack stands were ransacked refrigeration units were forcefully entered. Twelve fire extinguishers had been removed from their locked wall-mounted cases.  Two defibrillator united had been removed and flat screen televisions had been removed from their wall mounts.

According to the report, on Thursday, Kiernan voluntarily came to Coral Springs Police Department with his father James and stated that the last time that he was at the facility was in 2012 to do volunteer work and to see a show. He was then read his miranda rights and was confronted with evidence from the case which included surveillance footage. He denied having any involvement in the matter and was booked and transported to BSO.  His bond was set at $28,000.

Police are still searching for a second suspect.

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