2-Year-Old Dutch Loves His Chew Toy But Would Prefer a Family Even More



By Claire Cornish

Two-year-old Dutch’s chew toy is his absolute favorite thing in the whole wide world, even more so than treats, which he also likes very much and will take gently and politely despite his size.

Dutch is a larger boy who is aware of his size, and he plays well with other dogs of all ages and sizes. He is a friendly playmate who will back off if another dog shows signs of not wanting to play.

He does not know any commands yet, however, he does understand leash-walking and will wag his tail when he sees his leash in his favorite staff member’s hand, and he appears to be house-trained as well, which is always a plus.

Dutch is a smart, teachable boy who will thrive in a home with a family who is willing to show him the basics and take the time to train him in the basics.

Dutch is currently residing at  Broward County Animal Care and Adoption, located at 2400 SW 42nd Street Fort Lauderdale. The shelter is open Tuesday through Sunday from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm (closed on Mondays.) His ID number is A2111413.

Dutch is seeking a forever home but is also open to the possibility of a foster home, and he can be fostered through the shelter directly.

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