Man Arrested After Terrified Road Rage Victim Seeks Refuge at the Coral Springs Police Department

Man Arrested After Terrified Road Rage Victim Seeks Refuge at Coral Springs Police Department

Phillip Anthony Young Chung {BSO}

By Ryan Yousefi

In a chaotic road rage incident, a terrified victim drove to the parking lot of the Coral Springs Police Department, seeking refuge from a man who had trailed him across the city and threatened him with a knife on multiple occasions.

According to the victim, the incident began near 6265 W Sample Road, near the Turtle Run Shoppes. The victim said he had just left a nearby Walmart and pulled over to fix his mother’s seatbelt when a man, later identified as Phillip Anthony Young Chung, 24, of Margate, pulled up his vehicle roughly 50 feet behind him.

Chung reportedly exited his vehicle brandishing a large knife and began yelling aggressively at the victim. The victim, who could not discern what Chung was saying but recognized he was wielding a large knife, returned to his vehicle and locked the doors. 

In a bid to escape, the victim drove off, but Chung pursued him relentlessly, closely tailing the victim’s car and attempting to cut him off.

The incident escalated when the victim, who was visiting from another country, was unaware of the street names and was forced to stop at a red traffic light. The suspect exited his vehicle again, wielding the knife, and pounded on the victim’s car. At this point, the victim told officers he was scared for the lives of everyone in the vehicle, worried Chung would break a window and attack them.

When the traffic light turned green, the once again victim fled in a desperate attempt to escape Chung, but he continued to harass the victim as he drove westbound on West Sample Rd. To escape, the victim drove into the parking lot of the Coral Springs Police Department but did not see any officers outside and continued driving. 

The victim finally made a 911 call to the Coral Springs Police Department for assistance, who advised that he return to the police station, which he did, with Chung still pursuing him.

At the CSPD, officers managed to apprehend Chung, who stated that he was upset because he felt “cut off” by the victim and desired an apology. During a search, Chung was found carrying a knife, and another blade was discovered in his vehicle.

Chung was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and armed attempted vehicle burglary. He was transported to the Broward County Main Jail, where he was released after posting a $45,000 bond.

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