Being “Everything Under the Sun” Comes With a Hefty Price


By: Robert Townblinder

It dawned on me after reading the article in Thursday’s edition of the Coral Springs Forum about the new $28 million downtown complex, now I know what that “Everything Under the Sun” slogan means.  This complex is the Taj Mahal that the current commission wants to build with our – the taxpayer’s money, but won’t let you vote on it.   

This complex will contain a movie house, residences, restaurants, retail shops, hotel, commercial establishments, green space, an Art Walk and a parking garage.  In other words, “Everything Under The Sun.”  And oh, yes, as an afterthought, seven percent of the space will be for city employees.

Follow the money 

Folks, this is no different than using public money to build sports stadiums for privately owned teams.  Teams owned by millionaires.  The presentation of this project was made to the city commission by the millionaire developer George Rahael, CEO of Amera Urban Developers who contributed, along with his family and friends, over $6,000 to Commissioner Powers’ campaign for mayor.

To add insult to injury, this is the same commission that voted to ask you to give them a 64 percent pay raise.  Enough is enough!

Robert Townblinder has either resided or have had a business in Coral Springs for over 30 years. He has been a student of politics and good government since his college days and has a good understanding of the public vs. the private sector and how elected officials are the stewards of the public’s money and trust.  Since childhood his parents taught him the difference between right from wrong. He has always believed that public money should never be used to fund private enterprise and that government should be transparent. He believes that when spending public money on construction projects to benefit a city, the public has a right to vote on whether or not to borrow, much less spend that money.  


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