City Commissioners and Former Elected Officials Express Interest in Mayor’s Seat

City Commissioners and Former Elected Officials Express Interest in Mayor's Seat

By: Coral Springs Talk

By: Sharon Aron Baron

With a black ribbon next to his name, the seat for Mayor Skip Campbell was left empty at Wednesday’s commission meeting.  

Led by Vice Mayor Lou Cimaglia, the meeting proceeded without Campbell at the helm, and soon, will go on without Cimaglia when recently elected commissioner Joshua Simmons is sworn in on November 27.

After Campbell’s untimely death, several former mayors – and a couple of city commissioner have expressed interest in running for his seat.

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The commission will vote when to hold the special election for a new mayor on November 28.  City Attorney John Hearn suggested an election date of March 12, which would coincide with five other cities holding their municipal elections. With that date in mind, the qualifying period for interested candidates would begin on January 2, and last a week.

Candidates who have expressed an interest in running include former Coral Springs mayors: Scott Brook 2006-2010, Roy Gold 2010-2012 and Vincent Boccard 2012-2014. Former Mayor Roy Gold said he didn’t mind that there may be other former mayors interested in running again. 

“I think the bigger the field, the more choices people have.”

At Wednesday’s meeting, Gold said he was there because he wanted to learn more about the process and procedures before he took any steps. “I love Coral Springs and always worked hard,” adding that he wants people elected that care and who will benefit the city.

Vince Boccard said although he’s no longer mayor, he never really left.  “People still think I’m the mayor.  I really loved what I did and miss it.”

Boccard said his family is behind him and he’s putting a team together.  He wants to reunite the city and take a good hard look at the tax increases and give the residents a rollback. But first, he said he needs to get his facts. “From the outside, it’s not as easy as it looks from the inside.”

Other interested candidates include City Commissioners Dan Daley and Joy Carter. 

Because of Skip Campbell, Carter said she believes in “servant leadership”.  She had always planned to run for mayor once Campbell’s term was over, however, those plans changed unexpectedly. 

“I don’t believe that I could ever fill his shoes, but I would try to fill as much of them as I could.” 

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