City of Coral Springs Discusses 2022 Legislative Action Plan

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{Florida Chamber of Commerce}

By Bryan Boggiano

The city commission will discuss approving the legislative agenda before the upcoming 2022 Florida legislative season at their Jan. 5 meeting.

The session begins on Jan. 11 and ends on Mar. 11.

Top items on the legislative action agenda include providing workers’ compensation for the public servants responding to the pandemic, supporting legislation to give localities more authority on medical marijuana, and allowing localities to have more control over regulating recovery residences.

According to city documents, other priority items include opposing bills reducing municipal authority on regulating vacation rentals, extending compensation coverage beyond first responders and healthcare workers, supporting home rule, and local tax revenues to help residents.

Throughout the session, city staff and Ericks and Associates, legislative consultants, will continue to monitor important issues to residents.

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Alcade and Fay, the city’s federal lobbyist, will follow the State Legislative Action Plan. They will do this with the addition of supplementary grant opportunities supporting the city’s vision, strategic goals, and strategic plan, according to city documents.

The city also outlined a legislative action plan funding request. They are asking for $5.3 million in funding for various projects, out of the total $67,850,000 total costs, according to city documents.

The most expensive components are updates to the West Side Complex, construction of the Everglades Greenway Loop, and updates to the charter school. The city will request $800,000 for each project.

Other action plan items include the creation of a nature trail preserve, sidewalk improvements, and security upgrades at parks and city facilities.

West Side Complex: The current facility, which supports Public Works, Public Safety, and Central Stores, cannot withstand a Cat. 2 hurricane. The new building, a Fire Academy extension, will have new classroom space and host academy graduations, seminars, and retreats. Total project cost is $23,250,000.

Everglades Greenway Loop: A 10-mile, multi-use loop will serve as a safe walking path, biking path, and nature walk that opens up to the Everglades. Total project cost is $2 million.

Coral Springs Charter School: The 20-year-old building needs repairs and improvements. Updates are needed, including better roofing, class renovations, and newer science labs. The city is also considering relocating the school and constructing a new building. Total project cost is $40 million.

Nature Trail Preserve: There will be a wooden, elevated walking path through Kiwanis Park. It will be constructed from natural materials without disrupting native trees or vegetation. For the project, the city will request $500,000. Total project cost is $1 million.

Sidewalk Improvements: The project includes sidewalk updates and expansion throughout the city, including downtown. The city requested $500,000. Total project cost is $1 million.

Park and City Facility Security: Updates include lockdown for the Fire Academy, improved lighting at the water treatment facility, and the addition of security cameras and other unspecified devices at parks. The city will request $700,000. Total project cost is $1.4 million.

The city commission meets on Wednesday, Jan. 5 at 6:30 at City Hall.

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