19-Year-Old Arrested For Battery on a Coral Springs Police Officer

Jesus Christian Cornelio Battery arrested

Jesus Christian Cornelio

By Ryan Yousefi

A Coral Springs man was arrested and charged with battery and felony disorderly conduct after assaulting a Coral Springs police officer. 

On September 27, the Coral Springs Police Department received a noise complaint call. Officers dispatched to a residence located at the 2500 block of Coral Springs Drive, where they encountered many people arguing. 

According to the report, officers spoke to the homeowner who said there had been a disagreement between guests at her party, and everyone was leaving. 

While interviewing the homeowner, officers observed Jesus Cornelio, 19, arguing with a female in the street. As Jesus and the woman argued, the woman’s brothers pulled up in a vehicle to pick her up. The woman tossed a bag inside the car but did not enter. Instead, she continued to loudly argue with partygoers. 

The female was furious and attempted to fight the homeowner, according to police. At that time, officers attempted to separate the two. 

While they intervened in the skirmish, Cornelio ran behind a lieutenant, wrapped both his arms around him, and lifted him off the ground. Multiple verbal commands were made to release the lieutenant, but Cornelio refused to release his grip. 

After multiple officers delivered strikes to Cornelio, he released the lieutenant and was placed under arrest. He was later charged with battery on a police officer and second-degree disorderly conduct. 

The report made clear the lieutenant who was assaulted by Cornelio was dressed in his standard-issue police attire with a large reflective “Police” patch on the back. This information is relevant as it ensures Cornelio could not have mistaken the lieutenant as a civilian and knew he was physically assaulting an officer.

The entire ordeal was caught on the bodycam footage. 

Cornelio was transported to Broward Health Coral Springs for a lacerated lip he received in the scuffle. Following medical care, he was taken to the Coral Springs Police Department for booking. 

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Ryan Yousefi
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