Chabad of Coral Springs Holds 36th Anniversary Celebration

chabad of coral springs celebration

Chabad of Coral Springs {Jeffrey Goldman}

By Bryan Boggiano

Chabad of Coral Springs marks its 36th anniversary in Coral Springs with a celebration and discussions about expanding its reach and center.

On Sunday, Jan. 16 at 7 p.m., the celebration includes music, food, and a performance from South African mentalist, magician, illusionist Ilan Smith. There will also be a video presentation thanking members who helped it grow.

Chabad announced Monday they will expand their center at 3925 N. University Drive. According to Rabbi Avraham Friedman, new features include a social hall and adult and youth education classrooms.

The project’s estimated completion is 2025 and comes as the Chi Center undergoes its own redevelopment to reach out to more residents and extend its services.

Chabad’s 36th anniversary carries a religious significance, said Friedman. In the Jewish faith, chai, a symbol for 18, represents life. By celebrating 36 years, Chabad is celebrating “double life.”

But for Friedman, the concept of “chai” has more significance. For him, true life is when somebody helps another person physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

He said that this concept serves as an important backbone for Chabad.

According to Friedman, the community and Chabad’s extensive volunteer network made the past 36 years possible. These volunteers help with education and outreach events, hospital visits, supporting older adults, daily services, and food distribution events, which expanded significantly during COVID.

“We have put in a lot of effort to making sure that the needs of the community are met,” he said. “It doesn’t just happen. It takes a lot of goodwill and dedication.”

For Friedman, when people observe others performing good works, it inspires them to help. This partly explains how the volunteer network continues to grow.

“Good people attracted to other good people,” he said. “You cannot fake goodness, and people sense that.”

As Chabad celebrates their “double life,” they hope to double their efforts to reach out to the community and help others.

While Friedman mentioned the center’s expansion, he said that the center would reveal further details at their Sunday gala about how they hope to double their impact.

Still, he is thankful to the community for making Chabad’s first 36 years possible.

“It is truly grateful, meaningful, and humbling,” Friedman said. “We are truly glad to help the community whenever and however we can.”

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