Coral Springs Charter Middle School Baseball Team Wins Championship 

Coral Springs Charter Middle School Baseball Team Wins Middle School Championship 

Coral Springs Charter Middle School Baseball Team. {Courtesy}

By: Matt Rothman

Coral Springs Charter has produced some incredible student-athletes over the years. Starting in middle school, baseball is a prime example.

On Thursday, after going 8-2 in the regular season, the Panthers’ middle school team defeated Somerset Academy 10-0 in the Championship game. 

“Their positive attitudes were the engines that made this machine go, and for them to be able to walk away from this season with a championship just makes it all the more exciting for them,” Coach Groothius said.

Mason Martinez pitched a complete game shutout allowing only two hits and striking out nine working with his catcher Alejandro Formoso. Outfielders Carter Hayden and Arom Cuberos had two extra-base hits and two RBIs, while Brody Garguilo had a huge double in the second inning to start a big rally.

The rest of the team consists of Vincent Campbell, Reed Dadic, Michael Streder, Sebastian Figueroa, Peyton Barnell, Jayden Claudio, Nicholas Vizquel, Alex Vizquel, Edward Canard, Nicholas Milosevich, Patrick Latoule, Ryan Karbalaieasghar, Alejandro Romay, Brandon Applebaum, Brandon Matlock, Brayden Gardner, and Colin Maniscalco. 

Head Coach Andy Groothius says coaching these kids has been a true privilege. He also faced the formidable challenge of trying to get playing time for everyone and feels like these guys know what it means to be part of a team.

“Coach Densmore and I are so proud of them for all they have accomplished together, and under the leadership of Head Varsity Coach Charlie Fine we were given all the tools needed for a monumentally successful baseball season,” Coach Groothius added. “I can’t wait to see these kids move up to the big time, the Charter Baseball future is bright.”

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