Coral Springs Charter Softball Wins Fifth Straight District Championship


Bridget Dunham, Lindsey Garcia and Alexis Johnson part of the Coral Springs Charter Panther Softball team. Photo by Matt Rothman.

Matt Rothman

Aiming for a fifth straight state championship, Coral Springs Charter Softball team got off to a terrific start winning the district finals for a fifth straight year.  Each of the past four times the Panthers have won the district championship, they went on to win the state championship.

“It’s another stepping stone on our journey of where we want to be,” said head coach Mark Montimurro. “It’s always nice to put up another district championship banner up in the school. You have to win this one to get to where you want to go, so we’re happy with this result.”

After finishing the regular season at 22-1 and reaching a ranking of number nine in the country, the Panthers defeated Pine Crest 19-0 behind two home runs from Lindsey Garcia and then followed that up with a 15-0 win in the district championship.

In the last six games, CSC has outscored their opponents 78-2. Even more impressive, they have a run differential of 248 this season.

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While they have a week to celebrate and prepare themselves, they will face the loser of the LaBelle Cowboys and Lincoln Park Academy Greyhounds matchup in the quarter finals of regionals. Those two teams play Thursday night. The regional game is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, May 8, at 6 p.m.

The Panthers have had success the past two seasons versus both the Cowboys and Greyhounds. Nearly a year ago, CSC beat Labelle 12-0, and in 2017, they beat Lincoln Park Academy 10-0.

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