Coral Springs Museum of Art Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Special Reception

Matt Hoffman, Jim Hickey, and Julia Andrews at the 20th Anniversary Reception. Photos by Carly Levy.

By: Carly Levy

The Coral Springs Museum of Art recently celebrated its 20th anniversary by holding a reception to exhibit its permanent collection featuring pieces by approximately 50 artists – along with one famous guest in attendance.

With over 125 works, the museum’s permanent collection features such prolific artists as: Keith Haring, Hunt Slonem, Romero Britto, Andres Desjardin and Pablo Cano.

Joe Namath, Olivia Namath, and her husband Edwin Baker III.

Former American football quarterback and actor Joe Namath made an appearance at the reception with his daughter Olivia and her husband, Edwin Baker III. Edwin presented his drawing City on Fire which tells the story of his first time seeing a fire as a child.

“Each of the pieces in the permanent collection have been acquired by or donated to the museum throughout the past 20 years,” said Julia Andrews, Executive Director of the Coral Springs Museum of Art. 

There were a number of works of art that had a message to send to the art enthusiasts who viewed them. Sean Toney’s said that his piece I Am, a collage of abstract color and black and white images, shows that despite the chaos occurring in the world, the man in the picture feels as immortal and as strong as God to get through it all.

An abstract painting with oceanic colors throughout, Jill Kutrick said that she found her inspiration for her painting Dreamscapes, from a trip to New Zealand and that the meaning of her painting can be left up to interpretation whether you see a beach full of people, an island, or a whole city.

“The museum is what it is today thanks to the many artists who have shared their talents with our community and exhibited here. What better way to celebrate our 20th Anniversary than by displaying our permanent collection for everyone to enjoy,” said Andrews.

The exhibit will be on display at the Coral Springs Museum of Art as a permanent collection. The Coral Springs Museum of Art is located at 2855 Coral Springs Drive Coral Springs, FL 33065.

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