Coral Springs Police Warns Residents About Cottonmouth Snakes in Dog Park


water moccasin – a cottonmouth snake courtesy of Wikipedia.

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Coral Springs Police have issued a warning on Facebook about cottonmouth snakes being reported inside of the Dr. Steven G. Paul Dog Park.

According to police, there have been reports of cottonmouth snakes inside of the dog park and because of the proximity to the Everglades, the cold weather is causing the native reptiles to move to areas within the park to find warmth.

They ask residents if they see a cottonmouth snake inside of the park area to please contact the Coral Springs Police at 954-344-1800. Dispatch will have a Humane Unit Officer respond (inside of the park only). In the meantime, our Humane Unit Officers will be out to survey the area to see if there is increased nesting of these snakes near the park area and take appropriate action. They said to be mindful of all your pets while walking them or at a local park to ensure their safety.

The Dr. Steven G. Paul Dog Park is open from dawn to 9:30 p.m.

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