Coral Springs Restaurant? Dan I. Cook wants you!


By: Dan I. Cook

So me and my editor put together our recent contest for a Best Wings in Coral Springs and if you follow what we do than you’ll understand that it’s not a simple process. We ask for nominees, place them in a poll, go to the top three restaurants with volunteer judges, tally the votes, write an article and announce the winner.  Later on we’ll present the winner with a plaque.

Now, if anyone thinks that it is an easy process, they are living in a dream world. We have done this three times now asking nothing in return. I started this not thinking about making money for Coral Springs Talk or even myself. In fact, I don’t get paid at all, nor do I run this website. I do it because I love my hometown, Coral Springs.

Eye Opener

Now the reason why I bring this up is because after we announced the last winner for best chicken wings, Lefty’s Tavern and Grille, there was a nasty post on Facebook. I won’t mention who posted it because the person apologized. Danny boy knows a troll when he sees one.

I’ve been through this game a thousand times on the Yelp threads and can smell a troll from a mile away. This person posted something to the effect that we – Coral Springs Talk and myself probably picked Lefty’s as the winner in exchange for advertising on the site.  This person actually thought the fix was in and that’s why Lefty’s won. I had to explain to this person that I don’t go to Lefty’s and neither does my editor. I’m a regular at Wings Plus and Bru’s Room. I love both these places, but on the day the judges went out, Lefty’s came out on top. Plain and simple. No smoke, no mirrors, no slight of hand, no bribes, no nothing.

It turned out that the person who posted it was not a troll, in fact, they came right out and were very apologetic after my explanation. However, this whole interaction got me thinking: does any restaurant that I’ve reviewed or that we have done contests with advertise on Coral Springs Talk?

So I asked my editor that question, and she said one –  Nicks New Haven Pizzeria.  I’ve been raised on Yelp where their minions call businesses and continuously ask to advertise on Yelp. I know the editor is not a pain in the ass like Yelp, but this still didn’t make sense to me that no other joints would advertise without being asked when this site is getting over 100k hits a month.  

Here’s the Deal

With this deal I get nothing except knowing that I promote businesses in my hometown of Coral Springs. What I’ll do is this: for the first five restaurants or bars that contact Coral Springs Talk and advertise, I will go out and review your joint.

Mind you, advertising will not guarantee you a glowing rating. If something is not up to par with me I will address that face-to-face with the owner or manager. I don’t get off with destroying businesses in my city unless it’s really, really bad. Any place that I have reviewed before can also step up to the plate too. I’ll even write an updated review. I don’t know even know how much it costs to advertise on this site, and I don’t care.

First five restaurants or bars that advertise will have my undivided attention, my writing skills, and my commitment to you that I will find out what makes your business special. I’m ready and waiting.   

Stay Hungry!

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Dan Cook
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