Surf’s Up! Coral Springs Could See Big Waves with One of a Kind Surf Park

surf park

Conceptual plan for a Surf Park

By Hank McCoy

Residents may soon be able to do some legit shredding if a Surf Park gets built near the Aquatic Center.

At Wednesday’s city commission workshop, Dev Pathik, Founding Partner with The Sports Facilities Company (SFC), and Anthony Brown, Chairman of Ocean Sports Development (OSD), delivered a presentation for a proposed Surf Park in Coral Springs. 

This would make the Aquatic Center area a destination spot for Floridians and tourists and would be the only surf park of its kind in Florida. 

mr pool

The technology SFC and OSD would be deploying is called the Webber Wave Pool, invented by Greg Webber, a legendary surfboard designer, which creates custom waves to meet the needs of all skill levels and ages. Churning out up to 500 waves per hour.

SFC’s facilities currently see 25 million visitors a year; they’ve worked with over 2,000 communities, $15 billion in planned and funded facilities, and a 5-year economic impact where they operate facilities of $1 billion.

The park proposed would be for more than surfing. Food and beverage plus retail are planned.

The city will have to move Our Town to a new location. Still, all other events and festivals normally held at the park’s proposed location between the Aquatic Center and the Sawgrass Expressway would remain.

The city commission seemed unanimous in the fact that the goal of the project is to not only bring surfing to Coral Springs but to make Coral Springs a true destination city. Although only just proposed, the city is eager to get the project underway.

Commissioner Larry Vignola expressed how excited his daughters were to hear about the park and joked that he hoped it would be finished by the weekend.

“Wow. This is something you have our kids looking forward to,” said Mayor Scott Brook. “The excitement we feel is palpable.” 

There would still need to be a vote by the commission for the project to move forward — and there’s still many details that would need to be ironed out.

surf park

But Pathik and Brown were confident that the construction phase could be completed in 8 months to a year if the project were approved.

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