Coral Springs Woman Accused of Murdering Daniela Tabares is Sent to Rehab

Surveillance shows Daniela Tabares leaving a bar to give Yvonne Serrano a ride home. 

By Hank McCoy

A Coral Springs woman accused of murder was released from jail on Friday to a rehab facility.

Yvonne Serrano’s bond was set at $20,000 by a judge on May 22 and has since been released to Gracious Care Recovery Solutions, a rehab facility located in Deerfield Beach for alcohol abuse. 

Serrano, 52,  allegedly murdered Daniela Tabares, 21, after Tabares volunteered to drive Serrano home from World of Beer due to being too intoxicated to drive on November 23, 2019.

The act of kindness ended with Serrano calling the police around 6 a.m., initially claiming, “There’s a car in my driveway with a dead body.”

According to police, Serrano had allegedly shot Daniela Tabares with a 9mm Sig Sauer P365 pistol that Serrano supposedly had on her the night of the incident. Serrano has a conceal carry permit, and the police found the weapon in Serrano’s bedroom, where she said she placed it between pillows.

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Serrano changed her statement several times since first calling the police, initially claiming she woke up in her bed and came upon Daniela Tabares dead body in her driveway when she was leaving to go to the gym, not knowing who Daniela was. 

Serrano eventually admitted to knowing Tabares and waking up in the car with Tabares lying lifeless outside of the vehicle, with one foot still inside.

Before Serrano called the police, she admitted to deleting the footage of her doorbell camera app and washing the clothes she had worn the night before, according to Coral Springs Police spokesperson Carla Kmiotek.

Serrano had a history of violent behavior when she drank. Her estranged husband, Doug Serrano, in his testimony to the Broward States Attorney’s Office, explained Yvonne’s excessive drinking habits

Doug Serrano alleged that by drink number four, his wife would grow angry, and by her fifth drink, she was prone to episodes of violence.

Serrano was arrested on a charge of second-degree murder and tampering of evidence; however, the Broward State’s Attorney’s Office downgraded the charges to manslaughter along with two evidence tampering charges after reviewing the evidence of the case.

Serrano’s next court date is set for June 23.

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