Crumbl Cookies Opens in Coral Springs


The Page Family {Courtesy Clint Page}

By Jill Fox

The nation’s fastest-growing gourmet cookie company is opening its doors in Coral Springs.

Formerly home to Yogurtology, Crumbl Cookies moved into the corner location in the Starbucks plaza at the intersection of Holmberg Road and Coral Ridge Drive.

New franchise owners Clint Page, 36, and his wife, Shanna, 33, ultimately chose Coral Springs for the third Florida location after scouting out cities, like Coconut Creek and Parkland. The other two are in Lake Mary and Pembroke Pines.

The opportunity presented itself after family friends, who own a Crumbl in Utah, suggested they should think about opening on the east coast.

“We know a few different families who own franchises, and we thought it was a fun, exciting opportunity and jumped on it,” said Clint, who owns a small family auto dealership in Utah.

Clint’s father was an auto auctioneer, which led to the family auto business.

“My sister is holding down the fort back in Utah,” he said.

Married 15 years, he and his wife have never really branched outside of their small town, and they wanted to try a new adventure.

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The first Crumbl opened in Logan, Utah, in 2017, when two cousins came up with what they believed to be the world’s best chocolate chip cookie. Now, they have over 100 locations in the United States.

“They’re a great company to work for,” said Clint, who has spent the last year preparing for the Coral Springs opening.

His family moved to Coral Springs about a month ago. They have four children ranging in age from six to 13, who are very excited about the new Crumbl.

“Everybody loves cookies, and we have escaped the snow, which I’m kind of excited about.”

Clint feels the store is a welcome change and is hoping to open another one at some point. “We love the opportunity to grow,” he said.

As far as why they switched from cars to cookies, Clint said it took a little bit of convincing from his wife. But whether it’s cars or cookies, they’re moving from one family business to another. Customers should plan to see Clint, Shana, or his sister, Brianne, who will manage the store, at any given time.

People may even find their oldest daughter, Emilee, 13, helping out behind the counter.

At Crumbl, they always have the classic favorites: warm chocolate chip and chilled sugar cookies on the menu. The other four cookies rotate weekly between 120 specialty flavors, and it’s always a surprise.


Courtesy Crumbl

“Some are filled on the inside, some have toppings on them, we even have a circus-themed cookie,” said Clint.

Inside Crumbl, there is no in-store dining; it’s more of a pick-up-and-go atmosphere.

They sell single boxes of cookies, starting at $3.48, a four-pack, and a party-pack of 12. Cold milk and gourmet ice cream are also on the menu.

The grand opening is Thursday, November 19, and Friday, November 20, is “Free Crumbl Cookie Day,” where every customer receives one fresh chocolate chip cookie for free.

Hours are Monday through Thursday, from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., Friday and Saturday, from 8 a.m. to midnight, and closed on Sundays. Located at 6071 Coral Ridge Drive.

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